Fiesta Days in Spanish Fork

Fiesta Days in Spanish Fork

Posted by Danielle on 18th Jul 2019

The best time of the year is starting next week and we couldn’t be more thrilled. If you are local to Spanish Fork or any of the surrounding towns then you know what I’m talking about; Fiesta Days! It … read more

5 Must Have Sandals for Summer

Posted by Danielle on 11th Jul 2019

Shoes are an accessory that often get looked over. Most people have their go-to style and they wear them over and over. But what they forget to realize is how powerful shoes are when it comes to an ou … read more

Dress Guide for Plus Size Women

Posted by Danielle on 9th Jul 2019

It’s no secret that clothes shopping can be tricky for plus-sized women. Many stores don’t stock plus-sizes at all, and if they do, that section is often very small with not a lot of options. And whil … read more

Beach Trip Packing Essentials

Posted by Danielle on 9th Jul 2019

Packing for any trip can be stressful. No matter how many things you throw in a bag, it's hard to escape that nagging feeling you've forgotten something else, even though you can’t quite remember what … read more

How to Dress up Jeans for Work

Posted by Danielle on 9th Jul 2019

If you’re like most of us, casual Fridays are the highlight of your week. After four days of trying to get comfortable in pencil skirts and dress pants, nothing sounds more appealing than simply being … read more