Special Occasions with MSC

Special Occasions with MSC

Whatever special occasions you have coming up, we have the clothes to help you pull it off. We may pride ourselves on our dresses, but we carry a bunch of other pieces that will help you put together an outfit worthy of any special occasion you have on your calendar. 

Dresses: Our Pride & Joy

In need of a dress? That’s basically what we are known for at My Sister’s Closet. We carry all different styles, sizes, and shapes of dresses to make sure there’s one for everyone out there. A few things that I like to look for when picking a dress for a more special occasion: 

  1. Material, this one is huge. Think of your fanciest dress, then put it in a cotton material, and the vibe is instantly changed. It goes from a polished, put-together look, to something more casual. I personally love a swiss dot, silk, or any other textured material that gives it a high-end look. 
  2. Shape, for whatever reason a more fitted dress gives a dress a more put together look. The same is true about a tiered dress or a dress with a defined waist. The looser the dress the more work you’re going to have to do to give it a polished look. 
  3. Details, what puts the dress above the others? Does it have intricate embroidery, tulle or lace detailing, or even a ruffle or puff sleeve. Something that gives the dress that eye-catching touch. 


Jumpsuits, for when you need to be able to move a little bit more or just find it more comfortable to be in pants, rather than a dress. The same things apply though, think of the fabric and the details. The shape of a jumpsuit should be tailored more to your personal taste, a wide-leg, or looser-fitting jumpsuit in the right material can capture that elegant vibe. 

Blouse & Blazer

If jumpsuits and dresses aren’t your style, don’t worry you can still achieve that look and it doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, sometime’s simpler is better. 

  1. Ditch the jeans and go for pants with a more high-quality fabric. I prefer a wider leg style with a little flowy vibe, but pick what you like. But the denim has to go, just like with dresses and jumpsuits, material matters. 
  2. For a blouse, depending on your pants you can decide if you need to go more dolled up on the blouse or if a ribbed simple top will do the trick. I love the dressy pants, and a solid top with extra details like, unique sleeves, textured material, something to help give it that edge.