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Fun and Feminine: Plus-Sized Boutique Tops

The average clothing size for females in America is a 12 or 14, which means plenty of shoppers are flaunting awesome curves. When you’re a plus-size woman, you require tops that are made just for your body shape. At My Sister’s Closet, we have plenty of boutique plus-sized tops that are ideal for gals looking for femininity, fun and sophistication. Look through our amazing selection and order your favorites online today.

Women’s Boutique Tops in Tons of Styles

Are you tired of wearing the same-old tops? Looking to update your style and increase your wardrobe collection? We’re happy to help! You’ll discover tons of women’s top styles at My Sister’s Closet, including:

Tank tops. What could be simpler than a women’s boutique plus-size tank top? Yet that simplicity is a bit deceiving. A well-made tank top is a great piece alone or as a base layer. Not only does it give you versatility, but it also flatters your shape.

Tassel tops. The tassel top is a niche boutique style of top featuring an exposed tassel at the neckline. This increases its visual appeal, as well as adds an element of fun. You’ll love how many compliments you get when you wear your tassel top to work, to the movies or just around your neighborhood during an evening stroll!

Lace tops. The era of lace is upon us, and we’re making the most of it! Our lacy plus-size tops offered through My Sister’s Closet online boutique are expertly constructed. The lace always makes you feel lovely, and it’s never is too overpowering. Look for lace tops in colors and basic neutrals.

Curvy tops. The curvy top is made precisely for the plus-size woman’s figure. Curves are accentuated, and the top is cut in a way to move with you, not at cross-purposes. You’ll love how flattering our curvy boutique tops are, and you’ll grab your favorites for every occasion!

Short-sleeved tops. Are you in the mood to wear a short-sleeved top that’s been made for plus-sized shoppers? Our women’s boutique plus-sized short-sleeved tops are perfect for warmer days and nights, and they come in a variety of patterns and fabrics. From streamlined to flouncy, you’ll find a short-sleeved top to fit your body — and your preferred fashion style.

Long-sleeved tops. It’s essential to have long-sleeved tops, even if you live in a warm weather climate. Many warmer places use year-round air conditioning, so when you’re indoors, you need a way to stay comfortable. Plus, if you live in a location that gets colder during certain months of the year, you’ll appreciate being able to pull out a fashionable women’s boutique plus-sized long-sleeved top.

Boxy tees. T-shirts aren’t all made the same way, and that’s why you’ll adore your boxy tee. Boxy tees actually provide the illusion of fewer curves in the tummy area, streamlining the body. They are great for women who have undefined waist areas and smaller hips.

V-neck tops. The V-neck emphasizes your décolleté, and brings onlookers’ eyes to your vertical midpoint, rather than your horizontal midpoint. This makes you appear longer, taller and slimmer. Additionally, wearing a V-neck top gives you the perfect excuse to show off a lovely necklace or scarf!

Three-quarter sleeve top. The three-quarter sleeve isn’t a short sleeve or a long sleeve. Instead, it’s somewhere in between. It’s an ideal length if you don’t like to push up your sleeves, which can cause uncomfortable gathering at the elbow area. It also looks great and adds proportion and symmetry to your upper body.

Tunic tops. Tunics are highly flattering thanks to the way they sway and swing. Show off your waist area and camouflage your hips with your top. They can be worn with a variety of bottoms, including jeans, slacks and longer skirts.

Cardigans. Being able to layer is integral to having a versatile wardrobe. That’s where a plus-size cardigan comes into the picture. You’ll want to make sure you have a cardigan for every occasion, so if you find one you adore, make sure to buy it in a few colors!

Get Great Deals on Plus-Size Women’s Boutique Tops

Stop wishing you had an exciting wardrobe filled with women’s boutique tops in plus sizes, and start making it happen! From animal prints to stripes to florals to patterns, My Sister’s Closet has all the stylish, comfy and curvy boutique tops and other clothing pieces to make you feel and look your best. Order online with us today and start showing the world your unique style!