5 Trends to Try This Fall

5 Trends to Try This Fall

There’s something about fall trends that just hit differently. I don’t always care for trends, but I always try the fall trends. There’s something about fall that makes getting dressed way more fun. Maybe it’s the clothes, maybe it's the fall activities or the crisp air, either way here are five fall trends we love. 

  • Cargo Pants, if you haven’t tried this trend yet it’s time. We have some of the cutest cargo pants and they don’t have to be super baggy like we did in the 90s. My favorite style is the straight leg shape, with the added pocket on the side. But that’s just me, there are so many styles of cargo jeans. 

  • Bright Colors, in the past, when the temperatures drop the colors also start to go more muted or moody. But this year we’re seeing the bright color trend from summer hold strong into the fall weather. I personally love the bright pink that seems to be everywhere, it’s bold, eye-catching, and so pretty on all skin tones. 

  • Vests, the puffer vests from the 90s’ are back and we’re in love. They add a unique layer and can easily spruce up any monochrome or set-style outfits. Oversized ones are my personal favorite for a more casual look. But if you want something dressier, I’d pick a cropped or more fitted style. 

  • Olive Green, we’ve seen this color come and go, but it’s back and I couldn’t be more thrilled. The olive green is neutral enough it’s easy to pair with but still adds that touch of color without overdoing it. Olive green cargo pants are my favorite way to add olive to my outfit, and we carry some of the cutest styles. 

  • Hair Bows, you either love this one or you hate it. Hairstyle videos are all over TikTok and Instagram. People are actually back to doing they’re hair rather than just curling it or straightening it and leaving it down. But what really makes the statement is the bows that are being added. It adds a whimsical, dainty touch.