Tips for Creating Chic Outfits

Tips for Creating Chic Outfits

We all want to look our best, and most likely you want it to be as easy as possible. This week on the blog we’re bringing you our favorite tips for creating chic outfits, to make getting ready as easy as possible. Using these tips in a formula sense will give you the best outcome, tip 1 + tip 2 = the best outfit every time, yeah? 

We’re starting with the basics, we’ve entered an era where the more basic pieces the better. Gone are the days of sequin tops, bedazzled jackets, and all out, eye-catching outfits. Now our fashion icons are wearing jeans, a fitted t-shirt with a blazer and sneakers, it’s so effortless it feels like a trick. So our first tip: 

Invest in Basics

Invest in good basics that you can wear all year long. A good pair of denim jeans, leggings, a bodysuit, a button down, a flattering t-shirt, and sneakers. These pieces can be mixed and matched to create multiple outfits throughout the year. You want the best quality to ensure you can wear it all year. 


Add the Money Piece 

The ‘chic’ piece, the piece that takes it from lazy and casual, to polished and poised These can also help tie in the season and help that transition from season to season. Choose one to two pieces that will elevate the outfit. For example, an oversized blazer, puffer vests, trendy pants (think cargo pants, or a boyfriend fit) or nice ankle boots. The money piece is what gives your outfit that edge. 


Finish Off With Accessories

Add in your favorite dainty jewelry, but don’t over do it. Too many accessories can take this from chic, to gaudy. Think huggie or stud earrings and a layered chain necklace. Top it off with sunglasses, a belt bag or simple tote bag if you need more room.