Boutique Shorts

Are you in need of some fashion shorts for the highly anticipated warm weather? You've come to the right place. The boutique shorts at My Sister's Closet are suitable for women of all sizes, and are guaranteed to help get you that desirable, fresh summer look you've been waiting for. Made of soft, stretchy material, our shorts are ideal for going out to run errands or for lounging around the house if it's too hot out. They even come in charming sets with a matching t-shirt if you're interested in the sleek and trendy, monochromatic style. We highly recommend these sets for someone who's fashion-forward and interested in more custom garments that aren't as easy to come by.

We all know how difficult it can be to find women's shorts that meet our length requirements, look good, feel good, and fit properly. It can be so time-consuming, frustrating, and often defeating to get the waist and thigh measurements working together accordingly for your specific shape. Luckily, our collection includes drawstrings and elastic bands to fix this dilemma. This provides you the freedom to decide if you want to wear your shorts looser and lower, or go for the poplar high-waisted, snug fit combo with a tucked-in shirt. These adjustable fashion shorts are also great because they can adapt to be longer or shorter and will therefore fit many women of all different heights.

It's no secret that women's shorts can be tricky to style. Our matching sets cater to a more casual look, but you can easily dress them up with the addition of a fashionable hat and cool sunglasses. Depending on your comfort level, you can pair your matching set with sandals, sneakers, or other slip-on shoes. Choose carefully though, because these will really set the tone for your whole outfit. There's no better time to start planning your clothing options for warm summer activities like outdoor barbeques and relaxing walks by the water. Let our boutique women's shorts give your summer wardrobe the delicate and playful edge it needs for the most active and eventful season of the year.

Women’s Boutique Shorts

Summertime is officially here, and you know what that means — time to break out the bright colors, patterns and fabrics we all love to wear in warmer weather. For most of us, summer also means it’s the season to start dressing in shorts again as the temperatures rise and we all search for the best ways to keep cool.

Like any other piece of clothing, shorts can be tricky to style. There are so many different varieties — from Bermudas to knee-length and midis to minis. How is a girl supposed to choose? Is it just a matter of preference, or are there unwritten rules about boutique shorts for women?

If you’re confused about what short style to sport this season, don’t worry. We think wearing shorts can be fun and keep you cool, comfortable and feeling great all summer. Worried about styling them correctly? We’re here to help. We’ve compiled this ultimate guide to women’s shorts and how to wear them. Whether you’re tall or short and wear petite sizes or plus sizes, we think there’s a perfect pair of shorts out there for you. So let’s get busy styling.

Women’s Boutique Shorts for Short Women

If you’re on the short side of the height-scale, you’ve probably had a bit of difficulty when it comes to finding pants, shorts and skirts your whole life. It can often feel like the whole fashion industry is based on the assumption that every woman is at least 5’4” — but what if you don't meet that benchmark?

It’s true that short girls sometimes have to look a little harder and employ a few tricks to find flattering clothing. But by knowing what clothes to look for in the first place, you can easily get a jump-start on this process and start building a closet full of items just right for you.

For all the short girls out there, here are the shorts we think are worth checking out.

Short Shorts

When you’ve got short legs, the goal is usually to make them appear longer. The best way to do this is to show a little more leg. You should always be mindful of your comfort zone, of course — but wearing shorts with a little less length can help you appear a little taller.

A good rule of thumb for short girls is to avoid Bermudas or shorts falling to the knee line. Shorts or even dresses of this length tend to be unflattering for your leg length. Instead, a better goal is to divide your legs into thirds by wearing shorts that rest higher on the leg, giving you more of an elongated appearance.

Looking for concrete examples of what this might look like? Shorts like these would be great choices for girls with short legs on a hot summer day.

  • Walking on Sunshine Shorts: These bright and cheerful Walking on Sunshine Shorts are the perfect thing for a day in the sun. Not only do they feature a short inseam that petite girls will love, but they also have a great vertical stripe pattern. This is another design trend that looks lovely on shorter women — because the stripe pattern helps create the illusion of more height. Oh, and did we mention how soft they are?
  • Vintage Babe Shorts in White: Looking for something a little more neutral that’ll go with just about any top? We recommend these Vintage Babe Shorts in White. With a 3” inseam, these shorts are just the thing to help short girls achieve every visual inch they can, all while feeling great in this soft and comfy fabric.

Women’s Boutique Shorts for Tall Women

If you’ve always been tall, you probably have the opposite wardrobe issues. Most clothes have probably been too short on you, with pants not reaching the bottom of your ankles and skirts resting several inches too high. It can be hard to find anything that fits your long legs just right.

They key for tall women is to find the right pieces and the right styles to work for you. Once you learn which styles of clothing these are, it can be easier to track them down. You'll waste less time hunting through pieces that don’t fit and spend more time wearing styles that make you feel amazing.

If you’re a tall girl struggling to find shorts that make you feel comfortable and cool this summer, here are some directions we recommend heading in.

Cuffed Shorts

If you’ve got long legs, why not try rocking a cuffed or rolled-up look? The major benefit of shorts like these is that you can convert them to the length you like. You can roll them higher or unroll them a bit — depending on the kind of leg coverage you prefer. The added shape of the cuff at the bottom of the shorts can also add a bit of dimension to your silhouette, especially if you have long, thin legs.

Knee-Length Shorts

One of the nice things about having long legs is that you don’t need to worry about styles that might make your legs look less long. If you’re looking for shorts to provide a little more coverage, why not go with something knee-length?

One great pair of knee-length shorts we can recommend are:

  • Fun in the Sun Shorts: These Fun in the Sun Shorts combine the best of both worlds for long-legged girls. They’re long enough that they reach the knee, making them look fantastic whether you prefer to wear them at their full-length or cuffed. And with a classic denim wash, these knee-length women’s boutique shorts have the added bonus of going with just about any outfit.

Women’s Boutique Shorts for Plus-Sized Women

A quick trip to the mall or a browse through any fashion magazine can often leave you with the impression that most women’s clothing is designed for only the smallest sizes of women — despite the fact that most of us do not fit into this category. But here at My Sister’s Closet, we think every woman deserves to have a wardrobe that make her feel happy, confident and fashionable. This includes pants, skirts and — of course — the most stylish shorts.

It’s hard to deny that many shorts are designed to expose as much leg as possible. While we celebrate wearing whatever clothes make you feel great about yourself, some plus-sized women might feel more comfortable with more coverage. Sound like you? If so, we want you to know we have all styles of shorts to keep you cool and fresh without feeling self-conscious.

If you’re a plus-sized woman interested in dressing to beat the heat this summer, we’ve got the recommendations for you.

Bermuda Shorts

When you have a bigger build, you may feel more comfortable in a style that provides more coverage than most other styles of shorts. If this is the case for you, we can’t think of a better style than Bermudas. These shorts usually reach almost to the knee, making them long, but not too long — a point that may become important for short plus-sized girls who are looking to make use of every visual inch they can get while also covering a little more skin.

One of the great features of Bermuda shorts is their versatility. Because they are a bit longer, you can pair them with a variety of shirt styles, giving you more freedom to dress however you prefer on top. While you’ll often want to pair shorter hemlines with short shorts, Bermudas have no such restrictions. Wear your Bermudas with whatever style of shirt you're comfortable in. And with a range of styles from denim to linen and solid colors to patterns, there’s a Bermuda short out there for everyone and every outfit.

Are you ready to try out women’s boutique Bermuda shorts and see if they might be a style you love? Try out great pairs like these:

  • Fast Forward Bermuda Shorts: Black never goes out of style, and it goes with absolutely anything. That’s just one of the things to love about these Fast Forward Bermuda Shorts. In addition, you’ll enjoy a minimalistic amount of distress for a vibe that leans towards the edgy side — while still staying classy with a raw hem that completes the look. The inseam is 10.5”, so you’ll have all the leg coverage you need.
  • Favorite Bermuda Shorts: Black may be classic, but you can never go wrong with denim. You can dress it down or dress it up, and no matter the occasion, denim will be right there with you. These Favorite Bermuda Shorts feature cuff dealing for an added bit of visual interest, as well as an 11” inseam. And with stretchy, soft and flexible material like this, you’ll never have to worry about being uncomfortable in the summer heat.

Women’s Boutique Shorts for Everyone

Maybe you’re not particularly short or extremely tall. You’re too small for plus sizes, but you don't fit into petite sizes. You’re somewhere in the middle — so you might have trouble finding the kind of shorts to fit your body type.

If you don’t think you fit into any of the above categories, you’re in luck. You can wear virtually any of the types of shorts we’ve mentioned so far. You can choose long shorts or short ones, cuffed or distressed, Bermuda shorts or minis.

But are you looking for the one style of shorts that look and feel awesome on just about every body type out there? We know just what you need.

Midi Shorts

Whether you’re tall or short, petite, plus-sized or somewhere in the middle of it all, midi shorts are always a fantastic go-to solution. They fall directly to the middle of the thigh in a comfortable way that always looks fresh and flattering. Neither too long nor too short, these shorts can be dressed up for a date, dressed down for an afternoon walking the dog or switched up to fit any scenario in-between.

Think midi shorts might be the style that finally convinces you to try shorts this summer? Try out great styles like these, and we think you won’t want to go back.

  • Ocean Side Shorts: There’s a lot to love about these Ocean Side Shorts. From the soft linen fabric to the vintage high-waisted design and the distinctive three buttons, these shorts are great for when you’re looking for a bit more of a dressy vibe. Whether you’re heading out for the night or doing a bit of shopping, we think these shorts are just the thing to keep cool along the way.
  • Better Barefoot Shorts: For the days you’re putting together a casual look, why not go for our fun Better Barefoot Shorts? With their delightful red-and-yellow floral pattern, these are sure to brighten up any room you walk into. And because they’re so soft and lightweight, they’re the perfect thing to wear on days when the heat and humidity start rising.