Spring Fashion on a Budget

Spring Fashion on a Budget

Spring is the season of new beginnings, but an entirely new wardrobe isn't necessarily budget-friendly. So how can you get spring fashion on a budget? In this guide, we'll discuss a few tips and tricks that will save your seasonal allowance while giving you a refreshed closet that's trendy and stylish. Consult our budget fashion advice for this new season and create your perfect wardrobe without breaking the bank!

How to Dress Well on a Budget for Spring

Getting budget-friendly fashion doesn't mean you have to compromise on style. You just have to get a bit creative with the pieces you choose. For spring fashion on a budget, try these tips to build up your wardrobe:

1. Rely on Neutrals

To keep your spring looks fresh from week to week, you'll need plenty of outfit combinations. Neutrals can become the base of your outfits or make the perfect addition to your look. You'll be able to switch up your style and add something different to your outfit rotation with neutral pieces like:

Pick your neutral clothes based on what you prefer to wear. If you like bright colors or pastels, add some white pieces to your closet. If you often wear subtle earth tones, choose clothes in shades of brown and tan instead of black and white. Keep your style in mind as you shop, so you don't end up picking neutrals that don't work with your wardrobe.

2. Add Color With Accessories

Add Color With Accessories

If you love having colorful outfits and don't want to wear just neutrals, it can seem challenging to stick to a budget. For spring especially, you'll want to include bright pops of color or sweet pastels, and to get that colorful look on a budget, rely on accessories. These make the perfect addition to your spring outfit because they:

  • Work throughout the season.
  • Can elevate an outfit to a formal level.
  • Give neutral looks more personality.
  • Create more outfit possibilities.
  • Are often more affordable than clothing items.

Go through the accessories you already have or get new ones to enhance your wardrobe. Get jewelry that's perfect for spring, like earrings, necklaces and bracelets, for glamorous spring additions to your outfits. But the accessorizing possibilities on a budget don't stop there. Add more personality to your outfit with simple and budget-friendly additions like hair ties and scrunchies or cute yet functional hair clips. Don't forget about purses and handbags, either, to add function to your spring wardrobe.

3. Pick Versatile Pieces

Remember, the goal of budget-friendly fashion is to maximize your outfit potential. Bold, dramatic styles are fun to wear, but if every clothing item you have has eye-catching accents, textures and patterns, you'll have trouble creating a lot of combinations. Focus on adding affordable staple pieces that'll work with a variety of items, like:

  • Denim: A good pair of jeans will last for several seasons, and denim is a neutral that goes with just about anything. Choose a skinny jean style that you can dress up or down, or pick a straight leg style that you can roll up as the weather gets warmer. Get options in a few different washes if you don't have a preference, or stick to one pair in your favorite shade if you don't wear jeans too often.
  • Tops: Casual tops are a great budget-friendly addition to your wardrobe that you can combine with various different bottoms. Try to stick with solid colors for the most versatility, though some patterns can combine for fashionable looks. You can then layer them or add stylish accessories if you need to dress up your look or stick to a simple top and bottom outfit. If you plan on layering, remember to keep dramatic textures to a minimum, so they don't have to compete with other textures in your outfit.
  • Shoes: A few carefully selected footwear items can go a long way. Think about what you wear most of the time, then pick one of each style in a neutral color. Dark colors in your shoes will last longer without getting dirty, so consider going with black, brown or navy blue shoes, depending on what colors you usually wear. Get one pair of sandals, heels and sneakers for versatility, but remember to choose comfortable options that you'll actually want to wear.

4. Revamp Last Year's Looks

One of the best ways to be fashionable on a budget is to carry over styles from past years. Rework your clothes to meet the trends or throwback to popular styles from a few years ago with some of these tricks:

  • Get crafty: Repurpose styles you won't wear anymore with a few simple changes. You don't even need to know how to sew to transform some of your clothes for spring. Cut jeans into shorts for warm-weather wear, tie-dye white clothes for a youthful, trendy look or make other alterations to last year's styles, so you don't need a total closet overhaul that breaks your budget.
  • Wear layers: Spring is a great season to layer your clothes — and that's the perfect way to make last year's styles work for this year. Whether you pull out sleeveless summer tops and add a cardigan over them or use this year's spring color palette to mix with last year's, you'll get budget-friendly looks that are great for the new year.
  • Go bold: Adding simple pieces to your wardrobe is good for your budget, but so is getting creative with your current options. Don't be afraid to combine different patterns, wear denim on denim or break other outdated fashion rules to maximize your wardrobe's potential. Find a fun style that suits both you and your closet for some unique results that help maximize your wardrobe and your budget.
Wear Layers

    5. Shop for the Weather

    Depending on where you live, spring can either be an extension of winter or summer. Shopping for the weather helps guarantee you'll wear your new pieces instead of wasting your budget on outfits you can't wear until the weather changes. Follow some tips for shopping on a budget for spring, based on the climate where you live:

    • Warm: If the weather where you live is mostly warm throughout the spring and into the summer, focus on short sleeve tops, short sleeve dressesshorts and short skirts. Get pieces that you can transfer into the next season to save on your spring and summer wardrobes.
    • Cold: For cold-weather locations, stick to longer pieces. Transfer your long sleeve shirts and long pants into spring with a couple of new lightweight pieces that you can transition into summer. Since you're carrying over a lot of your winter wardrobe into spring, you can save your budget for when the weather gets warmer.
    • Both: Sometimes, spring starts out as cold as winter and becomes as hot as summer. It can be a bit tricky to get budget-friendly fashion for this type of climate, but focus on layers that you can remove as the season goes on. Add warm tights to your skirts that you'll need at the beginning of the season and can take away later, or get cardigans and other fashionable layers that you'll use all season long.

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