Boutique Leggings

When you're looking for a piece of clothing you know you'll get multiple uses out of, consider adding women's boutique leggings to your wardrobe! A perfect selection for every season, you'll never run out of ways to style your clothes with our inventory of super comfy and stylish leggings. Offered in a range of fits, colors, and styles, the leggings at My Sister's Closet will have you looking gorgeous and feeling confident.

From leggings designed like jeans to high-waisted classic black leggings, you can find all the fits your closet needs. When the summer heat finally cools, it's time to break out everyone's beloved pants option – leggings! The best thing about them is their timeless nature, with the ability to complement any outfit you have in mind. Make it a casual day with boutique leggings and a basic tee, or style it up with an oversized sweater and booties. You can even layer them with our super cute skirts or rock a pair of leggings with heels for that perfect mix of comfort and fashion. Depending on our current selection (as our clothing options are always changing!), you'll find boutique leggings lined with fleece for cold weather wear, capri-style leggings for the warmer months, and more. Basically, leggings can be worn all year long! You can serve up some serious style while keeping comfortable. Plus, with so many color options like grey, navy, red, and black, you can add a few different pairs of fashion leggings to your closet to mix it up! With our budget-friendly prices, anyone can afford our high-quality boutique clothing without breaking the bank. We believe every woman should be able to afford to look good in the clothes she loves, which is why we keep costs low.

My Sister's Closet provides amazing boutique styles online. Check out our available boutique leggings, find some new tops online, and fall in love with your new favorite outfit! Enjoy free shipping on orders over $50. If you have questions about our selection of women's leggings, please feel free to contact us for more information. We're more than happy to help you find the perfect leggings to fit your style!

How to Wear Leggings for Every Season

At this point, it is extremely uncommon for women not to be wearing leggings. Whether you incorporate them into your everyday outfits or are a proponent of solely wearing leggings for yoga or gym sessions, there’s a good chance we all own at least one pair.

My Sister’s Closet carries women’s boutique leggings for everyone in a handful of styles and colors. We believe leggings should be a balanced source of comfort and fashion. Paired with our collection of luxury tops and chic accessories, you’ll be rocking an affordable and specialty outfit in no time!

Addressing the Debate: Are Women’s Leggings Pants?

Leggings have been a part of the fashion world for decades. While their origin gets a little dusty — depending on what your definition of leggings, capris and trousers are — it’s agreed upon that women of the 1970s revolutionized leggings as a fashion statement. Singers were wearing them on stage, actresses sported them on television shows and models were often photographed during shoots with them.

The exercise revolution and emergence of baggy, slouchy pants took over for a few years, but when leggings became mainstream again in the mid-2000s, the fashion world was confused. Should leggings only be worn for working out? Are they technically considered to be leisure wear? How long should a shirt rest over the leggings for them to be regarded as pants?

As a culture, we’ve now come full circle in accepting women’s leggings as a fashion staple. It’s no longer taboo to see young girls wearing leggings to school or for women to be dressing up a pair in professional settings. Women’s leggings are here to stay — and we couldn’t be happier!

Elements of Styling Women’s Leggings

Anyone can put on a pair of leggings, throw on a tee and call it an outfit — but there is much more required to make it stylish. It’s not about making sure you have all the basics covered as much as it’s about creating a look. To confidently wear women’s leggings, you must think about the overall style you’re building, from head to toe.

There are four main areas to focus on while styling an outfit featuring leggings:

  1. Leggings
  2. Top
  3. Shoes
  4. Accessories

All four of these items will be considered, no matter the occasion, time of day or season. These are the basics to ensure your look is complete!

1. Leggings

Let’s start with the leggings since this is the critical part of the outfit. Some things to consider with leggings are the style and fit as well as the color.

Many leggings are made from nylon or polyester with a percentage of spandex to create the flexible, stretchy fit. Other times you might find leather from high-end retailers or faux-leather formed from polyester. You’ll also find fleece-lined leggings, promising extra warmth and coziness on those blistering cold days.

Leggings are made to stretch for full physical movement, which is why they typically sit at a reasonable waist level. You can also find high-waisted leggings for extra support. Whether you’re stretching your legs on a yoga mat or stretching your legs on the couch, our boutique leggings provide you with the best comfort.

You can also choose which style of leggings you want to rock out and about. You might prefer a solid neutral, such as black, charcoal or navy. Maybe you want to show some ankle and are looking to wear a capri legging. You might also be interested in a patterned or textured legging, such as suede. Choosing these leggings can set the tone that you’re dressing up, not dressing down.

2. Top

Once you’ve determined the pair of leggings you want, it’s time to find the best top to match. We’ve already discussed that leggings can be pants — that said, here are some guidelines for picking the right shirt fit and length.

High-waisted leggings pair exceptionally well with cropped tops and sports bras. A basic tee, sweater or button-down shirt fits nicely with regular leggings when typically, the top’s hem falls just below the waistband of the leggings.

If you’re looking for a fuller top to cover your leggings, tunics, long tees and tanks and oversized sweaters are the best options. You could even find a kimono or duster to layer overtop for a cape-like effect.

3. Shoes

If you didn’t already set a style with your leggings or top, your shoes will do the job. Most often, you’ll see women wearing boots or booties with their leggings. This choice sets the tone for comfort or warmth.

Are you looking to dress up your outfit for work or a more professional setting? Choose classic-styled shoes, such as wedges, heels or flats to add some femininity and flair. Plus, when you wear solid-colored leggings with a heel, you’ll appear taller and leaner!

You can also dress down your look by sporting your favorite pair of sneakers or sandals. When you’re going for that athleisure vibe, this is a match made from heaven. It’s the perfect transition from the gym to the store, or from home to a lunch date.

4. Accessories

The final piece of the puzzle with styling your leggings comes with accessories. Necklaces, scarves, beanies — you name it! When you add a statement piece to your outfit, you’re pulling together all aspects of your look.

Another accessory item could include a jacket or coat. Especially if you want to dress for an edgier style, a leather jacket or studded bomber can instantly complete your outfit.

How to Wear Leggings All Year Round

Now that we’ve highlighted the four main elements of styling women’s leggings, we’ll walk through a variety of ways you can continue to wear leggings throughout the entire year. (Spoilers: you can wear leggings in the summer!)

1. Fall

Fall weather is the ideal time for leggings. Just think of all the activities where you want to look cute but comfortable — football games, apple-picking, pumpkin patches and so much more. With women’s boutique leggings, you’ll feel comfy and active, even as the sun starts to fade away.

When it comes to the fall season, the adjustment period throughout September and early October is often variable. One week it will still be a warmer, milder temperature and the next week a rainstorm will chill the air so much you need additional layers. This back-and-forth is why wearing leggings in the fall focuses around layering fabrics!

For the days when it still feels warm, choose a loose, flowy top over some cropped leggings. The cropped bottoms help your legs adjust to the coming weather while a loose top ensures you don’t feel too covered up or get too hot.

Another option is to pair your choice of leggings with a simple top (tee or tank) and a long but light duster or cardigan. You have the effect of layering without too many fabrics covering your arms or torso. Add a cute, floppy hat for a flowy, relaxed look.

Rock your back-to-school look with an oversized graphic or concert tee and a pair of colorful sneakers. Bonus points to you if you bought the concert tee over the summer!

As the colder weather starts to roll in, think about combining your leggings and a basic tee with a denim jacket. If you get too warm, tie your jacket around your waist — this “tourist” look also gives you a cinched waist. Additionally, a cropped sweatshirt is a nice in-between piece of clothing that says you’re ready for fall but still missing summer.

When we’ve truly hit late fall, bring out those patterned and textured leggings. Tuck them into a pair of short booties and warm yourself up with a solid-colored turtleneck. This creates an instant classic fall look!

2. Winter

Winter is pretty much synonymous with coziness and sweaters. Women’s boutique leggings are a perfect go-to for when you’re feeling cold but want to feel warm. Make sure to grab yourself a few pairs of fleece-lined leggings — you’ll thank us later!

What are some other go-to clothing items for the winter season? Plaids and flannels! Flannel shirts are an ideal match for solid-colored leggings. Not only does the flannel keep your upper body warm but it also drapes just right over the top of the leggings, giving you a classic style. With a pair of boots, you can create the ultimate winter look with only these essentials.

If you’re afraid you might look too burly with the boots and flannel, you can add some statement jewelry pieces like earrings or some layered necklaces.

Speaking of statement jewelry — accents are a significant feature you can play up during the winter months. Many women end up wearing neutral colors throughout winter, meaning there’s not much color happening in their outfit. Choose a bomber jacket or some studded jewelry or shoes to break up the dullness of the cold.

Another reason why boutique leggings are a great match for winter? They’re a solid replacement for tights! Some women find tights to be itchy and too easy to rip. The thicker and softer fabric leggings are made with means more comfort and fewer rips that could ruin an outfit. Leggings are also a form of shapewear — put them on under any dress knowing you look and feel good.

3. Spring

Every spring, we look forward to the idea of freshness and new life. Well, why not give your favorite pair of boutique leggings some new life with some outfit refreshes?

With our abundance of sweet and luxurious boutique tops, you can liven up your solid-colored leggings quite easily. Adding a floral top or a vibrantly printed blouse will add a touch of color into your spring.

Have floral-printed leggings? Do the opposite and add a solid-colored long-sleeved tunic to your outfit! With a pair of wedges or sandals, you’ll be ready to welcome that cool-but-warm weather.

Want to get a jump on a newer trend? Look for an overall jumper dress to add over your leggings. Whether patterned or colored, your leggings will keep your legs warm on those cold spring mornings paired with a knee-length dress.

Of course, you can never go wrong with a graphic tee and sneakers! Springtime means fun time, and what better way to have fun than to run around with friends? Paired with a tote bag or wide-brimmed hat, you’ll look cool and chic as you make your way into the city to shop or eat.

4. Summer

Don’t let those warm sunny days deter you — women’s leggings are a lovely match for summer days! Morning, afternoon, evening or night, there are multiple ways to incorporate leggings into this season’s wardrobe.

Unlike winter, fleece-lined leggings are a no-go for these hot months. You’ll want to wear leggings that provide some breathability — our capri boutique leggings are a great start! You should also use your own judgment like you would with any piece of clothing. If there’s a heat wave, limit your time spent outdoors or in humid environments.

The key for how to wear leggings in summer is breathability in both sheerness and lightness. Running some errands? Choose a loose tank tied into a knot at the bottom. You can also pair this with a sports bra or bralette underneath for some just-came-from-the-gym vibes.

Another great summertime outfit is to pair a some capri leggings with a crop top. If you’re looking for additional coverage on your torso, adding a sheer draping vest can keep you looking and feeling cool. You could also add a statement jewelry piece such as a necklace or earrings to bring some personality to your look.

Thinking about going for an early morning run before the heat sets in? Are you looking to set up a campfire with some of your friends for some late-night star-gazing and conversation? Stay cozy with some leggings, sneakers and a cropped sweatshirt!