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Short Sleeve Styles for Every Occasion

Short sleeve tops are a wardrobe essential for many women. They’re simple enough to throw on and wear when you don’t want to put styling effort into your look. You can wear them to the gym or any other work out routine. Some short sleeve tops are fancier-looking for any of those professional or formal events you’re looking to attend.

In the fashion world, short sleeve tops are the ideal canvas for expression. Wear a standalone attention-seeking top to share your fun and eccentric personality with the people around you. Add a few layers to prepare yourself for whatever weather could be approaching — and tap into a new dimensional look.

For all the trendy, beautiful clothes you could imagine yourself wearing, My Sister’s Closet is here for you. Follow along as we outline the many ways to style and wear boutique short sleeve tops for every occasion!

Women’s Boutique Short Sleeve Tops

When you go boutique shopping, you’ll come across hundreds of unique styles that are fashionable and up-to-date. All year round you’ll have access to the short sleeve tops that make your outfit complete. Keep your wardrobe fresh with boutique favorites like:

  • Florals
  • Stripes
  • Lace
  • Bowties
  • Graphics
  • Ruffles
  • Button-ups

Keep it pretty, elegant, chic or grunge! With an inventory that updates consistently, you’ll never run out of possibilities for looking and feeling good all year round. At My Sister’s Closet, we have everything you need to make your outfit complete, from your new short sleeve tops to fitted leggings and stylish shoes.

Short Sleeve Tops for Every Occasion

Don’t know where to wear your women’s boutique short sleeve tops? We’ve got you covered! Our tops are perfect to wear for a variety of occasions, no matter the weather or time of year.

1. School

Dress up or dress down for your next day of lessons with boutique short sleeve tops. You can easily wear a graphic tee for those mornings when you want to feel comfortable and relaxed. Maybe you have a presentation you’d like to prepare for — toss on a button-up or find one with a soft collar for just a hint of sophistication.

2. Work

There are so many different work dress code regulations, but one of the most popular rules is to wear a top with coverage. You’ll find many flattering necklines, including polo-style button-ups, soft v-necks and high-neck blouses. Be bold with striped shirts or more feminine with elbow bowties.

3. Lounging

You know those days where you don’t have to leave your house, so it would totally be acceptable to continue wearing your pajamas all day — but you can’t convince yourself to follow through? This is when it’s necessary to find short sleeve tops that are leisure material — soft, comfortable and requiring little effort.

My Sister’s Closet is ready to fulfill your lounging dreams with crew neck tops. We offer short sleeve tops made out of cotton that include a percentage of spandex, giving you all the comfort you need when stretching out on your couch. Indulge in a short sleeve sweater top to keep you warm, whether it’s the middle of winter or your air conditioning is just a little too cold.

4. Exercising

Are you going for a quick evening run but don’t want to go through the process of changing into an entire athletic outfit? No problem! You can comfortably wear one of our relaxed tees throughout the day and keep sporting it as you transition to your after-work routine. Our simple striped tees are cotton-made for a breathable fit.

5. Running Errands

It’s finally Saturday and you need to go grocery shopping — but what do you wear? Women’s boutique short sleeve tops are a natural choice for when you want to look cute and comfy as you’re out and about.

A button-up top provides a sporty yet relaxed style for any place you need to go. Think it might be cold? Wear a striped tee and grab a cardigan or sweater on your way out the door. Likewise, match the warmer weather with a thin peplum blouse that cinches to allow the bottom half to flow in the breeze.

6. Nights Out

Look cute and feel confident with a boutique short sleeve top! Whether you’re at the bar, a diner or scanning the city, you can find the perfect shirt to rock your evening out. Pair a high-neck black top with some accented jewelry or add more color with a striped peplum blouse. You can also enjoy the warmer temperature with a ruffle sleeve top to dress up your look.

7. Formal Events

Engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, work events — the possibilities are endless for formal events that don’t require full fancy dress. So, what do you wear for these special occasions? Take advantage of short sleeve tops with lace features, both on the sleeves and hanging below the shirt’s hem. You can also find ribbed sweater tops for a sophisticated high-neck look!

How to Style Women’s Short Sleeve Tops


You bought the short sleeve top, you scheduled the occasion — but how do you style your outfit? At My Sister’s Closet, you’ll find everything you need to rock your look, from shirt and pants to shoes and hats! Here are some go-to styling tips for some of the most popular women’s boutique short sleeve tops.

Round Neck Tee

A round neck tee is a favorite amongst boutique shoppers because of its versatility. Whether you’re dressing up for an interview or relaxing around the house on a day off, this neckline pairs well with a handful of styled looks.

For its common everyday look, a round neck tee with a pair of denim shorts or jeans is a comfortable, relaxed style. It’s also the perfect canvas to add details to, whether you want some colorful earrings or necklaces or a suede handbag.

Plunge Neck

Are you getting ready for a date night with your significant other? Is your best friend celebrating her birthday? Are you and your college friends meeting up for a fun night out? Choose a plunge neck top to live up to the excitement of the nighttime scene!

Plunge necks work great with bottoms that keep you covered. Wear jeans or leggings with a plunge neck top — not only do you balance how much skin is showing but you can also create the illusion of elongating your body. You can also try tucking the top into your jeans for a fitted look or letting the hemline flow over the waistband of your leggings.

Is it a warmer night? Opt for a long flowing skirt for a chic style you’re sure to get compliments on!

Simple V-Neck

V-necks don’t have to be a daunting option! There are many v-neck styles available from My Sister’s Closet that keep you modest yet stylish. The trick with v-neck tops is to accent them as opposed to making them the main feature — think colorful and bold patterns.

Striped pants and trousers are a great match for v-neck short sleeve tops. You can choose whether to wear a pair that zippers and buttons at the waist, or one that cinches and ties at the front. Jeans are also a classic fit for v-neck tops — the effortless look for extreme comfort.

Pair a statement necklace with your v-neck for a seamless outfit. Add a floral-themed chain for a sweet look or go for a layered necklace with hints of color.


This style of short sleeve top can go by a few names. The most common include the cold or exposed shoulder, where the fabric opens around the top of your shoulder. Sometimes there’s an opening at the back of the neck with a loop or button closure.

With a peek-a-boo top, you can look and feel good for any occasion, whether you’re going out on the weekend with friends or having a daytime get-together with family. For a sweet, fun look, combine this top with a floral or patterned fitted skirt. A pair of ripped denim jeans can harshen up the sweetness of the top for an edgier style.

High Neck

Want the sleekness of a turtleneck but don’t want the warmth or tightness? Choose a high neck top instead! These short sleeve tops are designed with a higher neckline than a typical crew tee — creeping above your collarbones but not entirely covering your neck or throat. High neck tops are an excellent option for when you are attending a somewhat formal event or simply want to look well put-together.

To truly stand out with this look, consider a pair of patterned trousers — the bold pattern on the bottom pairs nicely with the minimally-accented top. You might also want to wear jeans with a high neck top for a day-to-day outfit. A pair of wedged heels or boots can elevate your outfit as well, adding a touch of sophistication or edge to your overall look.

Basic White Tee

Finally, what list would be complete without the ultimate go-to short sleeve top — the basic white tee? You’ll find this essential item at My Sister’s Closet in a variety of lengths and fits. For a longer length white tee, pair it with some leggings to wear both out and about and while lounging at home. Have a fitted white tee? Tuck them into some colorful pants or trousers, making them the focal point of the outfit.

Of course, you cannot go wrong with a white tee, black denim jeans a pair of black boots. Nothing is more effortless or cool than this staple look for women!

Boutique Short Sleeve Tops Online

No matter what occasion you’re shopping for, My Sister’s Closet is the perfect place for women’s boutique short sleeve tops. Fall in love with your new favorite shirt and shop around for all the essentials for your complete outfit! Begin shopping online today or contact us for any questions you may have.