Must-Have Spring Accessories

Must-Have Spring Accessories

If you've spent all winter waiting to unveil your spring wardrobe, you wouldn't want to leave out the must-have accessories of the season. The most popular accessories of Spring 2020 add personality and style to your outfits, and while most of these additions are optional, there's no reason not to have some fun and try on the popular accessories of the year. Find your new favorite or bring back a style from the past with this year's must-have spring accessories!

Spring 2020 Accessories

When it comes to must-have spring accessories, we're talking shoes, jewelry, handbags and hair accessories. Something from each category has made its way to the runway in 2020, and that means these must-haves are on-trend for spring. Check out the accessory trends for 2020 and add one — or all of them — to your wardrobe this season:

1. Chunky Heel Boots

At the beginning of spring and on rainy days, you won't be able to wear sandals or flats. Instead, wear short boots that feature a chunky heel. These shoes are versatile options that you can easily wear for fall and winter, maximizing your spring wardrobe through the rest of the year. Go casual or formal with chunky heel boots and these pieces:

  • Skinny jeans for a modern and trendy outfit.
  • A flowing skirt for a bohemian vibe.
  • A black dress for a simple style.

For a versatile option, choose black chunky heel boots that go with most of your wardrobe. If you like to have a bit more fun with your footwear, go for an animal print boot that acts as the statement piece of more neutral outfits.

2. Circular Bags

Circular Bags

Function and fashion combine with this popular accessory for spring 2020. A circular handbag is a fun way to add something extra to your look while still having a place to put your things. Choose a solid color style that will match a lot of your wardrobe, and add some personality with an animal print keychain, like leopard or snakeskin — or whatever goes with your look.

A white circle bag is sure to go with just about any outfit. Whether you're running errands and need an everyday look or dressing up for spring brunch or a night out, a circle bag is just what you need to bring along. Can't find a circle bag that suits your style? Bucket bags are also popular this season and give your outfit the same fun accent.

3. Padded Headbands

Go preppy for spring with one of the biggest hair accessory trends of 2020. Padded headbands add volume to your hair accessories and give a runway spin to the headbands you may have worn years ago. These accessories come in a variety of colors, prints and textures that are the perfect addition to your outfit. Look stylish from head to toe with an outfit that combines a padded headband and:

  • A simple blouse and pants combo.
  • A patterned jacket in a different design than the headband.
  • A casual short sleeve dress.
  • A solid color top that matches the headband.

If you're worried this look is a bit too bold for you, start small. A headband with a knotted accent or less dramatic padding will introduce you to the style, and when you're ready for more, check out styles that have plenty of height or feature faux gem accents and beading.

4. Scrunchies

Anyone with long hair looking to rock more hair accessories should reach for the throwback style that's on-trend again: scrunchies. These bold and textured hair ties are perfect for adding something full of fun and personality to your outfit. Now that scrunchies are a fashionable trend, they come in plenty of sizes, colors, patterns and materials that are a bit more mature than styles from decades ago, so try:

  • Scarf scrunchies with flowing fabric.
  • Animal print scrunchies for a wild accessory.
  • Solid color and neutral scrunchies for a subtle look.

With warmer weather on its way, you'll probably be wearing your hair up more anyway, so why not do it with stylish accents like scrunchies? Get a variety in your collection or go with a few versatile staples that complement just about anything.

5. Statement Chain Necklaces

Bold necklaces are always popular accessories, but for spring 2020, it's not so much about having an eye-catching pendant on your necklace. Instead, the chain is the showstopper. A gold chain necklace with larger links is simple but beautiful and surprisingly versatile. You can easily dress this must-have for spring up or down, depending on the rest of your outfit. Try some of these combinations with a gold chain necklace:

  • A textured white top gives your chain necklace a sweet and subtle twist.
  • A black sweater keeps you warm at the beginning of spring and lets your necklace stand out.
  • An animal print dress adds another trend to your stylish spring outfit.

If you want to wear other accessories with your statement chain necklace, keep them on the more subtle side to show off the chain. Wear simple stud earrings, a slim bangle bracelet or no other pieces of jewelry to make sure your necklace is the star of the look.

6. Statement Earrings

Statement Earrings

If you aren't into the statement necklace trend but like when your jewelry stands out, try statement earrings. This year, it's about bold accents, and your earrings are no exception. Add earring styles like these to your spring wardrobe:

Larger earrings wear best with short hair or updo styles, but if you want to keep your look stylish and a bit subtle, feel free to wear your hair down with certain pieces, so they only peak out. If you want to double up on the trends, wear one statement earring for an eye-catching addition to your outfit. Wear a neutral color outfit if you want to go bold and let the accessory stand out.

7. Beaded Bracelets

These popular accessories give the beaded friendship bracelet trend from your childhood a grownup spin. Beaded bracelets often feature neutrals and earth tones to create a mature yet fun accessory. They often come in stacked styles that layer the look and add plenty of texture to your outfit. Wear these bracelet trends with clothes that let you put your accessory on display, like:

If you live in an area that's a bit colder in the spring, you'll want to go with fitted long sleeves, so you can wear your bracelet over the cuff for a unique accent without being too bulky. No matter what clothes you wear with your accessory, add some other accents for an even more stylish look. A simple watch layers well with beaded bracelets, but you can also play around with other bracelet styles to mix colors and textures.

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