How to Stay Fashionable at Home

 How to Stay Fashionable at Home

Working from home, being a stay-at-home mom or being homebound for whatever reason doesn't mean you can't be fashionable. To be your most stylish while staying at home, you need some work-from-home wardrobe essentials and other tips. Check out your wardrobe and get ready to feel fabulous, even if you don't leave the house, with these tips on how to stay fashionable at home!

Tips for How to Stay Fashionable at Home

As you plan your stay-at-home fashion, it may seem a bit intimidating — How dressed up is too dressed up? How casual is too casual? — but some advice is sure to help. Whether you're new to working from home or you want to revamp your remote work or at-home attire, follow these tips.

  1. Get changed in the morning: It may be tempting to get out of bed, stay in your pajamas and begin your day. If you want to feel more productive, though, put on something a bit more professional than PJs. You may even feel more awake and ready to take on the day if you get out of your pajamas and into other clothes.
  2. Share your outfits: Post pictures of your looks on social media or exchange them with your friends. Sharing photos will motivate you to keep up your work-from-home style, and you can get inspiration from others who share their work-from-home outfits.
  3. Wear outfits you don't often get to: Have an outfit idea you haven't been able to rock a lot? Whether it's not seasonally appropriate or you aren't comfortable wearing it out of the house yet, now's the chance. As long as it's functional and comfortable for being at home, you can wear those pieces in your wardrobe that don't get as much love as others.
  4. Try something new: Being at home is a great opportunity to try a new style and put it to the test. Play around with hairstyles, outfits and makeup looks you don't usually get to wear. Trying new things with your look will be inspiring, and it may even boost your enthusiasm about getting ready the next day.
  5. Be comfortable: When you're at home, you probably want to lounge around in comfy clothes, and there's nothing wrong with that! Combine stylish outfits with comfortable athleisure for the best stay-at-home fashion. Athleisure style often creates the perfect combination of fashion and comfort, ideal for feeling like you got dressed while also staying relaxed.
  6. Plan in advance: If you're not feeling motivated to pick out a fashionable look every day, take an evening to plan what you'll wear in the upcoming week. Lay out your clothes the night before to help keep you accountable and make getting ready easier.
  7. Choose low-maintenance pieces: Wearing dry-clean-only clothes or pieces that need ironing aren't necessary when you work from home. While these are usually stylish items, they aren't worth the maintenance, especially if you don't go anywhere. Stick to machine-wash clothes while you're at home for the most convenience.
  8. Let yourself have a cheat day: If you have no obligations to leave your house or video chat for work and you aren't feeling a done-up look, go easy on yourself. Stay in your pajamas some days, wear extra comfy clothes, don't put on makeup or don't do your hair. Sometimes, you need a break, but try to limit yourself to a cheat day every once in a while.

These tips will make it easier for you to create a new routine, which helps you adjust to having a new schedule or how working from home can impact your habits. You'll also stay more motivated to get up, get dressed and look fabulous, even if you don't leave the house.

Work-From-Home Wardrobe Essentials

With those tips on stay-at-home fashion in mind, it's time to have some fun with your outfits. Some work-from-home wardrobe essentials will help you create a section of your closet that's perfect for those days when you're staying or working at home, but still want to get dressed in a stylish ensemble. Add these pieces to your stay-at-home fashion.

1. Blouses


If you have to make video calls when working remotely or like to feel dressed up even at home, give your look a bit of a professional, yet comfortable, twist with a blouse. You may think of blouses as office-only attire, but these shirts are always stylish and even comfortable. A blouse is essentially a shirt with a few fabulous touches, like:

  • Button details
  • Cute sleeves
  • Texture and sleeve details
  • Fun patterns
  • Ruffle details

While your video conferences for work may be more relaxed, allowing for a casual style, there's nothing wrong with dressing up a little bit. Note what parts of your outfit you can see on a video call, then wear a dressier shirt and more comfortable pants if you can't see your bottoms. If you're video chatting with clients instead of co-workers, you especially want to elevate your stay-at-home fashion game, and blouses are the perfect touch.

2. Casual Tops

For more relaxed remote work dress codes or stay-at-home moms, you can't go wrong with casual tops. They're essentially more dressed-up versions of pajamas, and while they are super comfortable, you can still change into one and feel motivated for the day.

Casual tops are also great for expressing your personality, and even if you're not going anywhere, it's a fun way to up your at-home style, especially if you're sharing pictures of your outfits. Fill your work-from-home wardrobe with some cute casual tops like:

  • A cheerful yellow to motivate you on dreary days
  • An animal print pattern to feel trendy, even at home
  • A striped top for a cute and classic addition to your closet
  • A neutral top in a versatile cream or white
  • A graphic tee for those more laid-baci days

The best thing about adding casual tops to your at-home wardrobe is they're versatile enough to wear when you leave the house. Dress these styles up with jewelry and other fun accessories if you're going somewhere, or even if you're staying home and want to try something new with your look.

3. Outerwear

You're probably not going outside very often when you work from home, but that doesn't mean you can't layer some fashionable outfits. On days when you're feeling extra motivated — or extra chilly — some outerwear will help bring your outfit together, so don't forget to add these pieces to your stay-at-home style:

  • A cardigan is perfect for remote workers who want to be cozy, yet cute.
  • A denim jacket is trendy, and you can easily take it off if you get uncomfortable.
  • A blazer or another jacket adds a professional touch to your outfit.
  • A fluffy jacket is comfortable and more casual than other outwear items.

Layering, even with a casual piece, can help your look feel more put-together and stylish. You'll feel more inspired as you combine pieces in your wardrobe rather than grabbing a top and a bottom because you get to express yourself and look extra fabulous.

4. Leggings

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Versatile and comfortable, leggings are a must-have in any wardrobe, especially for someone who works from home. These pieces are the main focus of athleisure style, but they're perfect for your work-from-home style. Solid black options are perfect wardrobe staples, and you even have different styles of leggings to consider, like:

  • Fleece leggings keep you extra cozy.
  • Capri leggings are a bit more casual and perfect if you're busy at home.
  • Solid-color leggings add some more personality to your look.
  • Patterned leggings let you have the most fun with your stay-at-home fashion.

Pair your leggings with any of the tops we mentioned above, and you'll have a comfortable athleisure outfit that's still fashionable and fabulous.

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