Back-to-School Wardrobe Essentials

School is back in session and with Fridays being spent under the stadium lights, everyone’s putting together a new wardrobe. We have a few things that we think you MUST HAVE this school year. Some are basic, some are trendy, but all are essential to the ultimate Back-To-School wardrobe.

First, let’s run through the basics. Basics are the foundational pieces to creating stunning outfits. We are fans of functional basics that are versatile enough to anchor multiple outfits.

Jeans: This is a no-brainer. Everyone needs a good pair of denim that’s flattering, good quality, and versatile. In order to really have a versatile wardrobe, we recommend getting two new pairs of denim: a classic shape and something a little more unique and trendy. You can read our whole 2022 denim trend guide here.

  • You can’t go wrong with classic skinny jeans. This style looks good with just about any top and are great to wear with booties as the weather gets colder. We recommend getting a pair that have a full button fly and the dark wash for a more updated, trendy look. 
  • For a trendy fit, snag a pair of wide-leg jeans. They are the perfect mix trendy and basic. They give you the versatility of regular jeans, but the shape adds a little extra style and effortlessness. 

Tops: Like we mentioned above, you need basic staples that will mix and match with the more trendy pieces. If you fill your closet full of trendy pieces without having staples to anchor them, you won’t get as much versatility out of your wardrobe! When adding essential tops to your Back-To-School wardrobe, look for the following:

  • A basic-basic top/tee. Tops that are in solid colors (with an emphasis on neutral colors,) a slightly relaxed fit, and maybe a pocket detail. (hint: our best selling pocket tee fits these specifications perfectly.) 
  • Next, a bodysuit. These are essential because they are perfect for pairing with overalls, jumper dresses, and high-waisted jeans. Getting a sleek silhouette will be perfect for layering and getting one with a ruffle or puff sleeve will give you a little extra detail for fancier outfits.

Now let’s talk about trendier pieces and things to add a little interest to your back-to-school wardrobe. 

Pants: Grab a pair of unique pants to add into the mix of denim. Right now, we’re seeing a lot of comfortable knit style pants, patterned pants, or extra wide, flowy style of pants. Plaid patterns and slightly cropped styles are very in right now and are sure to add excitement to any Back-To-School wardrobe.

Jumpsuits & Overalls: The perfect thing to spruce up your basic tee. Overalls are back and the jumpsuit trend never dies! A jumpsuit, overalls, or both in your wardrobe will have you back-to-school ready in a popular and stylish trend.

Skirts: Don’t forget about skirts! While we may have not been big skirt people a few years ago, we’re seeing a lot of fun skirts in this year’s trends. Get a skater-style skirt and graphic tee for a trendy, adorable outfit. Pair it with sneakers to keep it effortless and cool!

Tops: You need a couple of tops that steal the show rather than act as the foundation of an outfit. Look for bold floral prints with a vintage feel or something with a statement balloon or ruffle sleeve. You want a few tops that grab attention right away, giving you that put-together look! 

Jackets, Shackets, & More: As it gets colder, you’ll need that extra layer and a shacket or blazer is the perfect trendy piece to add to your closet. We’re seeing lots of oversized blazers this fall season and cropped shackets making their presence known! While shackets are relatively easy to style, blazers may feel a little bit out of your comfort zone. Grab a blazer and pair it with a graphic tee to create an edgier style rather than the usual cardigan or jacket. 

Back-to-school shopping can be a little overwhelming, especially when trying to figure out what trends to try and what ones may be not so trendy any more. We do our best to carry the best blend of classic and trendy pieces so that you can buy everything you need to round out a well-styled and versatile back-to-school wardrobe. Make sure you let us know if you have any questions or need any help with shopping!