The 2022 Denim Guide

Denim trends cannot make up their mind this year! One minute low-waisted jeans are out and the next second, everyone's giving them a second chance. (We’re going to stick to our guns on this one though-  we’re a “high-waisted till I die” kind of boutique!) To help you navigate the various denim styles, we’ve done all the research to bring you the 2022 Denim Guide. 

Relaxed Leg Denim

Otherwise known as boyfriend or girlfriend denim, this style is back for another year. This style has a relaxed, straight fit through the leg and then slightly taper in at the ankle to portray a sort of easy-breezy vibe. Girlfriend jeans tend to be a little more slim fit while boyfriend jeans are borderline wide-leg. These jeans can be styled dressy or kept casual (depending on the shoe you wear.) Regardless, the straight-leg style is flattering on a variety of body types and typically more comfortable than a more form-fitted skinny jean.

Shoes to Wear: If you’re going for dressy, pick a slim to block heel. Try to stay away from the overly chunky or clog-looking shoes because you want to add a sleek look to counter the looseness in the jeans. To play up the casual style, we recommend reaching for a retro sneaker. Think airforce ones, chunky soles, or converse. Let’s not forget the boots for fall! If you want to wear boots, opt for cropped boyfriend jeans with a bootie style boot - something that barely goes over the ankle. 

Flare Denim

Honestly, we never thought we’d see the day that flare-leg jeans are back in style, yet here we are. These jeans add such a glamorous and dramatic vibe to any outfit and can make your legs look longer. The two trends we’re seeing with flare denim are as follows: a very petite flare at the the bottom of the pant, and a very form fitted jean with a wide, dramatic flare starting below the knees. While both of these styles are widely different, it ensures that there is a type for everyone to try if they want to get back into this style.

Shoes to Wear: Flare denim is perfect for clogs or chunkier heels and boots. We’d recommend always wearing a heel with flare denim so it’s not covering your entire foot and dragging on the ground. This will also help elongate your legs even more!


Skinny Denim

Just when GenZ told us they were out, they got pulled back in. Skinny jeans are some of the most versatile jeans and no matter what the younger crowd says, they are not going anywhere! Skinny jeans can be dressy or casual, and can be a flattering fit for hourglass and pear-shaped body types. My personal favorite skinny jeans are high-waisted, distressed, and cropped length. 

Shoes to Wear: There are not a lot of shoes that don’t look good with skinny jeans. Lace-up sneakers, slip-on sneakers, sandals or slides, mules, heels, and of course boots. Skinny jeans are probably the best to pair with boots since you don’t have to worry about any of the bulk!

Wide-Leg Denim

Wide-leg jeans are the perfect mix of boyfriend and flare jeans. They gradually get wider instead of the dramatic flare and most of the time have a cropped style. These jeans can be dressed up or worn casually depending on your occasion. Wide-leg denim looks great on everyone but is a must for triangle or rectangle body shapes. The wider leg helps even out wide shoulders and the cropped length can give you a boost in height!

Shoes to Wear: My personal favorite shoes to wear with wide-leg denim are sock boots. They have a heel to add elegance and a sleekness that provides professionalism and sophistication. If you want a more casual or spring/summer vibe mule style shoes also look amazing. 

Straight-Leg Denim

These jeans are relaxed, but rather than tapering like the girlfriend denim they drop straight down, hint the name. They’re not cropped and can puddle right around the ankle for a retro look. The best straight-leg denim is high-waisted and we usually see straight leg in light washes only.

Shoes to Wear: If you’re looking for trendy, there’s no other shoe to wear other than a chunky, retro-style sneaker. 


Frayed Edge Denim

This is less of a style and more of a decorative taste. Frayed hem adds style of the jean and is a more subtle way to add distressed details without actual holes in the knees. It can be an unfinished hem or more extreme, but it adds an edgy vibe to any outfit. 


The holey jeans that make all your older relatives question how much help you need are staying around. We personally love distressed jeans because they’re a little more casual and add dimension and texture to any outfit. 

Dark Wash/Faded Black

Lastly, we’ve gotta talk about the color. Dark-washed denim is going to be huge this year. It’s something that’s a little more Y2K and a lot more trendy. And ditch the black-black jeans, we’re seeing more and more of the faded grey-black with slight acid wash patterns.

Regardless of styles or trends, a good pair of denim is a must in any woman’s closet and we do our best to bring you all the trendy, high-quality denim every year! Make sure you check out our denim bar to shop all of these styles online and in-store!