10 Reasons to Shop at your Local Boutique

10 Reasons Why you should Shop at your Local Boutique

Long before My Sister’s Closet became an online boutique, it was (and still is) a cute, little boutique on the main street of Spanish Fork Utah. It was started in 2010 and hasn’t stopped growing since. If you live in Utah, you need to check out our Spanish Fork store. While our online store is convenient, the perks of shopping in-store make it even better. Shopping local is so important for so many reasons, and as we get closer to the holiday season, we wanted to share why shopping small should be part of your holiday shopping check-list!

Why you should shop local this holiday seaso

  • It’s More Personal. Unlike chain stores, the owner is probably someone with similar stories like yourself. They are someone who is passionate about what they do, rather than a corporation who is in it for just the money. A family-owned business like MSC has a personal touch you won’t find at the big box stores!
  • Helps Your Local Economy. By spending money locally, you can keep more money circulating in your very own community. This benefits more than just the store since the money can be reinvested back into the community and helps create unique community spots to shop.
  • Customer Service. When you go to your local boutique, you may recognize a couple of the workers. Because local small businesses employ local people, chances are they are from that town and you’ve probably seen them around.This means you get a personal and exceptional customer service experience. Employees at MSC truly want to help you find the best outfit, trendiest piece, or perfect shoes that will make you feel like a million bucks and they want to make sure you leave happy. We’ll do whatever we can to resolve any issues and ensure that the members in the community who are supporting us have the best experience when shopping with us.
  • Support Entrepreneurship. Sarah, our founder and owner,  started MSC from the ground up. By shopping locally you support entrepreneurship which basically made America what it is. Wanna know more about the history of MSC, check out this blog here! 
  • Keep the Small Town Charm. Every boutique or store in your community has something that is tailored specifically to your community and the people in it. Keep supporting and shopping your local boutique and make it a destination that people want to come shop at. 
  • Skip the Hype & Buy What You Like. Trends are constantly coming and going. In some big chain stores, you can ONLY find crop tops and baggy jeans. That’s not the case with local boutiques because the owners have a say in what they carry and what they don’t unlike the chain stores. They see what’s selling in their stores and can continue to carry products they know their customer likes. At MSC, the buyers also take personal requests into consideration when shopping for our customers!
  • Take Advantage of their Expertise. Those women who started a boutique usually did it because they are passionate about fashion. They have done the research on the latest trends and timeless pieces and now they are ready to serve YOU. Don’t sleep on the endless amounts of information regarding trends, outfits, and staples that they have!
  • Shorter Lines. This is a no-brainer, who wants to stand in a line? 
  • Helps Members of Your Community Stay Employed. No business can do it alone and by shopping locally you are helping keep your neighbors employed. Even the smallest boutique needs hands to help keep the store running smoothly. MSC employs 30 women across their stores, warehouse, and marketing and they are all local to Utah. When you shop from our store, you are helping those women provide for their families!
  • Not Everything’s Online. There are some things at our local boutique that we like to keep just in stores. In-store, we have tons of accessories, shoes, and gift sets, plus other clothing that is set aside and picked just for our stores. When you pop into one of our stores, make sure to ask where the in-store only items are for an exclusive shopping experience. 

    Although there are a bunch more reasons why you should shop local, here are our top ten. Next time you get a chance, walk down your main street and check out your local shops and help make your community stronger.