The History of MSC: Meet our owner and how MSC came to be!


It’s me, Sarah. I thought it was about time I officially introduced myself. I am the owner and founder of My Sister’s Closet Boutique. I have met a lot of you unofficially over the years, but tend to stay behind the scenes while running the shop. I love seeing you all in the stores and interacting on our social platforms and realized it was time to put a face to the name! I know my marketing team has wanted me to do this for years, so here it is girls, you didn’t even have to ask me this time.

We are a family-owned business and everyone has had a part in making My Sister’s Closet into what it is today. These people are my greatest loves and my reasons for doing everything I do. My husband, Aaron, is our finance guy, our IT guy and our ‘call if we can’t fix it guy’. He is basically magical with his fixing powers! He should get a medal for putting up with so many passionate women over the years of running MSC. Of course, we are all fabulous and easy to work with women but he has been outnumbered…by a lot. My kids, Josh and Lena, have both helped with various things over the years. Lena currently helps with buying and is my partner in crime as we go to different markets to pick out what pieces to bring to the store.



I’m sure it’s no coincidence that I am writing about this about a week into my empty-nest life, as Lena just left for her first year at college. Being a mother has always been my number one priority, which is why whenever anyone has asked me if I was going to open more stores or any expand in other ways, my answer was “Probably not now, I’m busy raising kids!” I couldn’t even seem to pull off the About Us page! However, I was determined to not have my business change my ability to completely enjoy and support my kids. I was fine if that meant MSC growing more slowly, because I wanted to be a present mom.

My Sister’s Closet basically had a mind of its own though and grew very quickly with me always hanging on for dear life. I’m so impressed watching mothers that seem to be able to do it all more gracefully. I always felt a little out of control and like I could get completely taken away by the energy of a fast-growing business if I didn’t hold tightly to what I knew would slip by with the passing of time: my kids’ childhoods.

It has only worked because I have been blessed with AMAZING employees the whole time and SUPER great loyal customers that have really stuck by us and have grown with us.

So, here is how this all came to be:

In early 2010, I was happy with my stay-at-home mom life, busy with family and our home. I had no plans to start a shop and never had some life dream of opening a boutique or running a business. It wasn’t until I had a few specific experiences that I realized I was supposed to open My Sister’s Closet. I felt called to do it. I don’t know about you but, that has only happened a very few times in my life, so I knew I had to follow my intuition and get it started. Everything fell into place very quickly after that and we opened up our first store in Spanish Fork the Spring of 2010. It’s been a crazy ride since then.

Here is what motivates me to run MSC along with the life-changing moments of 2010:

*I definitely have always enjoyed creating little businesses and have a love for beautiful clothes and creating beauty. It’s a pretty fun (albeit, big) job to hunt down all the pretty clothes and order them in! It’s important to me that we carry sizes small-3x because I want all of us to feel included and beautiful, inside and out. I firmly believe that a beautiful/cute outfit CAN help you have a better day. 

*I‘ve had some bargain hunting obsessions over the years and I value good deals. Since opening MSC, my obsession of hunting for bargains for myself has turned into hunting for bargains for you. I value using my money wisely and I want to be a store where your money is spent wisely. I’m not talking about cheap items; I am talking about value: great quality items at the best price. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing we helped you get something beautiful for yourself at a price you feel great about paying.

*The final motivator is my love for the community and strength of women. (I grew up with all sisters and one brother so I knew the fun of us sticking together with life and shopping) In fact, the name of My Sister’s Closet came from my sister Beth and I brainstorming for the right name. We asked ourselves where we got our clothes from, and realized growing up, it was usually from our sisters’ closets!


Here are all of my sisters! There is so much pure joy and happiness being together. Our lives are like everyone’s lives…complicated with victories and discouragements but we have learned that when we stick together, there is joy. 

This life lesson has helped me form my philosophy behind My Sister’s Closet. We have to stick together and support each other if we are going to survive this life. However, I am even more sure that we have to stick together to have FUN while surviving this life. I want MSC to be a place where you come together with the women who matter most to you and have fun shopping and being together.

We want you to know that you can come as you are. Everyone is welcome with us and we want everyone to feel like they belong. If you look closely at the range of products we offer at MSC, you will see that we don’t target to a very specific age group or style. We have hand-picked every item to ensure that everyone, no matter what age or style, can find something that’s trendy and beautiful. Whether you bring your mom, grandmother, sister, or daughter with you, I am confident you will each find something you will love. 

To wrap this up, I wanted to share a photo of my entire family, including my brother (who was not planning on being in this photo but rocked his casual clothes anyway.) These are the people that taught me the value of hard work, putting God and family first and “can’t never did anything.” What does that REALLY mean anyways, Dad? I’m pretty sure I know now but I did spend some time in my childhood wondering. J


 THANK YOU, to all of you, for supporting us over the years. Thank you for helping us build this amazing community. We’ve gone from one little store to two full-fledged storefronts, a creative studio, a warehouse and a natural light photo studio all because of your support. I’ve always known we had the best customers, but our growth is the proof. Your support makes our ability to continue to chase this dream and business possible.

We want to be your boutique: the shop you trust to always have your back! Let us know what you are looking for and what you love! We love to hear from you. We are deep into planning the end of year and Holidays now and it is going to be an amazing rest of the year! And who knows, maybe in my new life as an empty-nester, you will hear or see more of me. Regardless, know that I am here, doing my best to remind you that you belong, you matter, and you deserve to feel the very best.