Face Masks

So, face masks are still a thing. As you know by now, they help protect you and others around you from contracting COVID-19. While it's not the best, you can make mask wearing stylish! With as much fashion sense as you've got, why settle for those flimsy blue and white ones from the store? Instead, add a little personality to your face mask with our selection of fabric options.

We offer a variety of styles and colors in this collection to perfectly complement your everyday attire. You may need one while at work, shopping for groceries, heading to class. In some states, it's mandatory. Some styles here are pleated, while others allow you to insert a replaceable filter. Some options are made of 100% cotton, but if you'd like a little more stretch for additional comfort while wearing, there are cotton masks with polyester lining and ear loops as well. You'll find super cute leopard print masks, as well as tie-dye, pink stripe, polka dot, and solid colored masks. It's so easy to match these with our clothing, pairing a patterned mask with a solid colored top and vice versa. When exercising, the neon pink face mask will easily add to that athleisure look. Our face masks are uber affordable, so you can get a few of them to cycle through as you wash your others. Keep one in your car and bag so you're always prepared to enter public places safely. You can purchase the filters here too, so your masks are ready to go once you get them. When you're shopping for stylish fabric face masks, look no further than your favorite boutique!

While face masks aren't ideal, they can double as complements to your outfit while keeping you safe! Questions about our selection of fabric face masks? Contact us and we'll be more than happy to assist you.