Weekend Outfit Checklist

Weekend Outfit Checklist

The fastest 48 hours we all look forward to is the weekend. Depending on your lifestyle, the weekends are either your time to relax and veg on the couch, get things done that you can’t do during the week or spend time catching up with friends. We’re bringing you our outfit checklist for the weekend! Spoiler, they’re all jumpsuits and onesies! 

Relax and Unwind

If you like spending your weekends reading, watching shows, and unwinding from your week, here are some suggestions. There’s something about putting on a cute outfit that just boosts your mood. Even though you might be spending the weekend relaxing on the couch, with the right outfit you’ll still feel cute and put together. 

If you haven’t tried our Avori Jumper yet you need to! It comes in two colors so you might as well buy both (rust and black). It is just too good to miss out on! Not only is it cute and the perfect dupe for a much more expensive one, but it’s also beyond comfortable thanks to the loose fit. Pair it with a t-shirt, grab some cuddly socks, and relax. 


Some people see the weekend as the time to get things done and do what they’ve been meaning to. These go-getters need a cute outfit, but also practical. It’s got to be able to run errands, maybe work out, and hit up the hardware store for their latest project. 

This bodysuit is a dream! It’s comfortable, trendy and so versatile. Throw it on and hit the gym or throw a shacket over it, and run errands. Whatever is on your weekend schedule this bodysuit is what you’ll be reaching for. ``

Social Butterfly

Adulting is hard and so busy! It’s not like in high school when you could see and hang out with your friends every day. So if you’re the type that loves to go out, be social, and hang out with all your friends you need a cute, ready-for-anything outfit. 

We can’t get enough of this jumpsuit, the snatched waistband, beautiful denim color, and button-down front, it’s perfect. Plus it’s so versatile and easy to accessorize. I’d grab a pair of these clog-style heels, and a cute bag for a fun pop of color.