Wardrobe Tricks to Wearing Your Favorite Pieces All Year

Wardrobe Tricks to Wearing Your Favorite Pieces All Year

When the seasons change it normally means putting away some of your pieces, including favorites that you aren’t ready to stop wearing quite yet.

While you can think of your clothes as suitable for either spring and summer or winter and fall, you can keep some pieces around all year. You don’t have to pack away your favorite cardigan or summery dress.

To keep your clothes working for you all year long it's all about your accessories, keep them out and see how you could use them differently.

Clothes are more versatile than you'd think. With some basic pieces, fun accessories and some creativity, you can wear your favorite pieces of clothing anytime you want.

What Clothes Can I Wear All Year?

You might be wondering how you could make a dress meant for spring work in cooler weather, or how capris could work for more than one season.

Day Dresses

Spring dresses often have floral patterns. They’re a cute staple for the new season as all the flowers start to bloom. When spring is still a bit chilly, you can wear a vest and boots with your dress to look good but still be warm.

Floral can also work in fall. Wear your favorite cozy sweater over your dress and boots with knee socks. If you want your outfit to be a bit more form-fitting, you can add a belt to your ensemble. If you want your floral patterns to match the season, wear the brighter pastels in the spring and darker, neutral colors in the fall.

A short-sleeved dress is always a nice choice for spring. All you have to do is pair it with some sandals and a necklace and you’re ready to go.

Once it starts to get chilly, you don’t have to say goodbye to this dress. All you have to do is add layers. Layer a cardigan over the dress and add a pair of tights with boots and you’re ready to go. If your dress is patterned, go for a colored cardigan. A solid-colored dress gives you the opportunity to try a patterned cardigan or jacket.


The beginning of spring can tease a few warm days. During these days, wear a button-down shirt and colorful sandals to look ready for the nice weather.

When fall comes around, you can keep your outfit similar to your spring look. Pull a sweater over your button-down for a fresh and preppy look. Switch out the sandals for booties or cute sneakers and you've completed a perfect fall outfit.


Suede skirts are standard for the fall season. Paired with tights, boots and a jacket, it's perfect for a chilly day in October.

If you want to wear your skirt in the spring, swap the jacket for a light, breezy top and the boots for some sandals or flats.

Denim skirts in spring are a perfect opportunity to try bright accessories and heels. Mix and match your favorite scarves and bags for multiple looks.

Knee high socks, boots and a big, warm coat will keep you warm and toasty while sporting this look in the chillier months.

Army Jackets

A cargo jacket can be the perfect piece to bring an outfit together. In the spring, wear a light colored shirt underneath your jacket and pair it with a skirt or shorts. Open-toed boots are a cute finishing touch to the look.

In colder weather, wear a sweater or thick sweater under your jacket. Wear a skirt or jeans with ankle boots and socks to look ready for fall.

Long Vest

Long vests work great with light dresses and skirts in the spring. Bright sandals can accent your outfit and give it a focal point.

A long vest is also a perfect way to accent a turtleneck sweater dress and knee-high boots.

Ankle Boots

Just because it has gotten a little warmer doesn’t mean ankle boots have to be boxed up. Try a pair with cut out details to keep that spring fever alive.

Colder seasons can bring some inclement weather. Layer your socks for a warmer and still trendy style. Plus they will look great with any jacket and beanie, and will keep you warm.

How to Wear Favorite Pieces Year Round

If you're ever getting a bit bored with your current wardrobe, you don't have to plan a shopping trip immediately. Before you know it, your closet could get too full and you'd forget about some great pieces of clothing because you can't find them.

You also probably have more outfit options that you’d think. Your summer dress can work in a winter setting if you add a few pieces to the outfit.

  • Add leggings or tights to the Outfit: You can try leggings or tights to give your summer dress a winter makeover. While you can start with basic colors like black, tan or gray, don’t be afraid to experiment with bold colors and prints. If you prefer to stick with simpler colors, use this chance to add bright boots for a pop of color.
  • Wear a Winter Coat or Thick Cardigan: A big statement can be made with a coat or cardigan. Not only will it keep you warm, but it also allows you to wear your summer dress in the middle of December. A knee-length coat or cardigan will probably work best with a dress. Don’t forget to see how this looks with tall boots and socks.
  • Mix and Match: Patterned leggings or a textured cardigan could be the perfect accent to your dress. You'll never know unless you try it on. You can also play with different kinds of jackets. A knee-length coat might hide your new style. Waist-length jackets will keep you warm and fashionable. See what materials work best for you, like a puffer jacket or wool coat. A pair of booties will tie this whole look together.

Sleeveless sweaters are another piece you can wear year round. They work on their own and with layers, and always look chic and in season.

Ways to Wear in Spring and Summer

Substitute your light t-shirt with a sleeveless sweater in the warmer months. If you’re going out to lunch or running around with friends, your sleeveless sweater will be the perfect piece to look stylish. Add a skirt to dress up the look. If you use a pleated or structured skirt, consider tucking in your sleeveless sweater.

For a slightly cooler day or more casual look, switch out the skirt with a pair of jeans. Depending on how casual you want to dress, you can add a pair of sneakers or sleek heels to pull the outfit together.

When going out to dinner, wear a nice skirt, denim jacket and heels with your sleeveless sweater. It's dressy but not over the top, which is perfect for anytime you're dining out. In colder seasons, all you have to do is add tights to the outfit and you're good to go.

Ways to Wear in Fall and Winter

In the cold weather months when you’re constantly going from chilly temperatures to heated buildings, layering is the way to go.

For a day where you’re running errands or you know you’re going to be busy but still want to look nice, a sleeveless sweater will be a light layer that makes you look trendy. Your fall or winter jacket is a great outer layer to add on top of the sweater. If it’s too cold to wear the sweater on its own, adding turtleneck or button-down shirt underneath it will keep you warm. Wide-leg trousers or jeans also add a chic touch to the look. Don’t forget a cute pair of booties.

What Cold Weather Clothes Can I Wear in the Summer?

A top layer like a jacket, cardigan or kimono can pull an outfit together and make you feel fashionable. As the weather gets warmer, don’t be sad that you have to put away heavier jackets and sweaters. If you’re a fan of layering, find new opportunities to add light layers to your outfit, like a lace top for example.

A kimono can act as a cover-up when you go to the beach or the pool. It can still get a bit chilly on summer nights, so break out a light cardigan or kimono and dress up your look.

Scarves are cute accessories that are fun ways to add a pop of color and make your outfit more stylish. You can wear them all year. In fall and winter, opt for the thicker, cozier scarves that keep you warm and match your cold weather look.

Spring and summer scarves or bandanas are made out of light cotton material and are often brightly colored and have unique designs. Adding a scarf to your summer outfit can take a simple summer look and make it trendy. Picture this: it’s a warm summer day and you’re wearing a crisp white t-shirt and jean shorts, but you want to add a pop of color to spruce things up? Grab your vibrant, patterned scarf and now you have a colorful focal point.

How Should I Coordinate Transitional Outfits?

When you’re stuck between seasons and you don’t know how you should dress, it’s time to get creative with transitional outfits.

These looks combine pieces from your wardrobe so you’re prepared for the weather and of course you look your best.

Trench coat and Summer Blouse: A structured, statement jacket will probably get more traction in the fall. But for those tricky days when you can’t quite tell what the weather is up to, wear your jacket over a light summer blouse. The minimalist summer style paired with your statement jacket will look great and prepare you for warm or chilly temperatures.

Denim Jacket and Maxi Dress: If you have a weekend event during the seasonal transition, wear a colorful maxi dress and denim jacket. You’ll look chic and you won’t have to guess if your outfit is weather-appropriate.

What Accessories Should I Add to My Closet?

Mixing and matching cold and warm weather outfits is easier when you have a few wardrobe staples. Whether it's certain types of jackets or a piece of jewelry, a foundation of essential pieces will help you look fashionable on any given day.

  • Denim Jacket: This simple jacket is great in spring and fall. It’s perfect for going out for the day.
  • Polished Top: Something in a fancier material that instantly gives you a put together look just by putting it on.
  • Jeans: A simple pair of jeans that fit you comfortably will make dressing for casual office days and weekends the easiest task in the world. Try different fits to see which one you like the most. Boot-cut, cropped, skinny and flared jeans are all good options.
  • Black Heels: When you need a dressy shoe, a simple pair of black heels is classy, elegant and you can wear them with just about any style. There’s all different styles, pumps, wedges, chunky heels to name a few.
  • Lightweight Scarf or Bandana: A scarf can work in cold and warm weather and brings your outfit to a new level. Choose colors that can spruce up your outfit just by putting them on. Try tying it in your hair, or around your neck for a vintage look.
  • Neutral Belt: This accessory offers both fashion and function and upgrades any look you add it to.
  • Subtle Jewelry: A small gold necklace is a delicate yet sophisticated touch to any outfit. It adds a hint of softness to your look but doesn’t detract from your outfit.

Fashion Styling Tricks With a Small Wardrobe

You can get a lot out of your wardrobe when you make small changes to your clothes. PopSugar recently listed these simple alterations to keep your style fresh and versatile.

Roll Long Sleeves: A long-sleeved button down can feel a bit constricting. Change it and roll up your sleeves for a breezy yet classy look.

Cuff Jeans: Whether you cuff them once or twice, a cuffed jean is a great way to show off boots. You don’t have to worry about purchasing special cuffed or rolled jeans. Take your favorite pair of jeans and start experimenting with what cuff you like the most.

Draped Jacket: When you drape a jacket over your shoulders, you instantly add elegance and grace to your look. It’s so simple yet so many people forget about this trick. The next time you wear a nice blouse and pants, try adding a draped jacket to the ensemble.

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