Tips & Tricks for Picking Outfits for Fall Family Photos

Helllloooo October! Does anyone else feel like we just rang in the new year; how is it already October? With fall comes the beautiful change in leaves and most moms get ready to execute their best and also worst idea: family pictures. Family pictures can be stressful, but hopefully, with these tips and tricks, this year’s family photos will be your best ones yet! 

How to pick outfits for fall family photos!

It’s no secret, we are known for our dresses at My Sister’s Closet. We carry the latest trends, like the shorter hems and square necklines, as well as sizes ranging from small-3X.  Wearing a dress for family pictures is an easy way to ensure beautiful pictures. Dresses instantly give you that polished and more put-together look that you want for family pictures. 

When picking a dress, it’s important to choose a silhouette that’s most flattering. You really can’t go wrong with a smocked bodice with a more fitted style. Dresses with a defined waist tend to photograph better because it will create more angles within a photo. While a flowy dress might be more your style, it may end up looking more frumpy than you’re wanting in a family photo. If you have a flowy dress that you love, add a belt to cinch it in at the waist to add some definition. 

Olive smocked dress for family photos!

If dresses aren’t your style, don’t worry! You can never go wrong with pants and a top. When picking the top for family photos, it’s best to avoid logos, writing, or graphic tees. While they’re trendy and adorable, they don’t tend to photograph the best and can be distracting in a photo.. Family photos are the perfect time to reach for a dressier top or blouse and we always have a wide selection to choose from at MSC. Consider choosing a top with a peplum shape, or ruffle sleeves - these extra details can really amp up your outfit. (The top shown below is our Jamie chocolate floral top)

Brown floral top perfect for family photos!

If you’re really wanting to to capture the coziness of fall or take things a bit more casual, we would suggest wearing a knitted cardigan or sweater. You seriously can’t go wrong with a knitted piece and we have so many adorable ones to choose from. 

If you choose a cardigan, opt for a more fitted top underneath with some high-waisted skinny jeans. You want to keep everything else more fitted, so the oversized coziness of a cardigan is balanced out and doesn’t turn frumpy. If a sweater is more your style, we recommend choosing one that’s cropped or one that you can front tuck so it accentuates your waist. 

Cream cardigan outfit for fall family photos!

Lastly, but certainly not least, don’t forget your shoes. Shoes totally make or break an outfit. With fall photos you can never go wrong with adorable booties. Shop all of our shoes here, or head to one of our locations where we have tons of shoes for you to choose from. 

Boots for fall family photos!

Overall tips and tricks for picking outfits for your Fall Family Photos:

  1. Pick your outfit first. Do yourself a favor, pick what YOU want to wear and then choose everyone’s outfit based off of your outfit. It makes the whole process easier when you are wearing something you really love. 
  2. Classic over trendy. Trends fade and you don’t want your kids looking back in 10 years laughing at the choices you made. While we love the oversized grunge look, skip it when doing pictures. Stick to solid colors and silhouettes to ensure your photos stand the test of time!
  3. Coordinate instead of matching. While the 90’s trends are coming back, matching family photo’s is not. Pick prints and colors that coordinate rather than wearing a perfectly matched outfit. Mix textures and shades in different tops and bottoms, which will give your pictures dimension and interest. 
  4. Choose a color palette. To help with coordinating, choose a color palette and stick to it, or use the color wheel. This will help the colors blend seamlessly making it easy to coordinate. Some fall color palettes we love include colors like rusts, taupes, and creams! 
  5. Fit your style to your location. You wouldn’t wear a fancy dress for a cozy in-home session, so the same rules apply here. If you’re doing a city shoot opt for fancier outfits whereas a mountain location will look better with sweaters and flannels.