The Ultimate Denim Style Guide

We all own that one favorite pair of pants. This is the pair that you wear on an every other, sometimes everyday basis. They fit just right, hug just the right places, and look just that good! Many believe that finding the one and only magical pair of perfect jeans is nearly impossible. It might even be the reason that the one solid pair has been sitting in you closet for far too long. We have good news for you!(better yet fabulous denim to choose from) We are so confident in our denim, we KNOW we can fit you in a new pair to replace, or join, that beloved pair of jeans in your closet. 

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*How do I pick the right pair?*

First, let’s decide what color to choose. Do you like dark, light, or even colored jeans?


-Dark jeans are known to be perfect for seasons such as fall or winter, and we couldn’t agree more! Dark denim matches with nearly anything. It is also great to accentuate lighter colors you might wear along side of it. Darker denim is a great choice for an everyday wear. They are a great choice to pair with anything and everything. Darker denim is know to be a classic, timeless color of jean. It never goes out of style, meaning that it will last long in your closet. Grab a dark denim pant to add a basic, versatile, and timeless pair of pants to your closet.

-Light colored denim is often considered a spring/summer look, but this season, we couldn’t disagree more! Light denim is surprisingly so perfect for Fall! We love pairing all of our dark tops with lighter denim because we feel like it really makes the other colors stand out. We also believe that light denim is a great choice for an everyday wear EVEN in Fall and Winter. With pastels becoming popular this Fall/Winter season, we are finding it best to pair them with light denim. It really give a more creamy, flawless look to any outfit. Light denim is a great addition to your closet as classic, dependable pair of jeans.

-Colored denim is not only slightly daring, but absolutely fabulous. The best way to wear colored denim is to pair it with a matching top to really accentuate not only the top, but the pants too! We think the Motto Jeggings are a great choice because they are not too bright. They really go together with any color! We also love the texture on the knees, really giving it a unique and fun change to your outfit. Colored denim is a great addition to your closet, to not only add a pop of color, but to give more options for your wardrobe.

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*What style are you? *

How many times can we justify buying pants with holes already in them? The thing is, with distressed denim, we love that it gives so much more texture to your outfit. It is also so great to really get more of a bohemian look to an outfit. We strongly agree that it is perfectly reasonable to buy distressed denim! ( You will thank us later ) We love dressing distressed denim up with a pretty blouse. It really adds so much more to an outfit to have that extra texture to an outfit. We also love to add distressed denim to a more laid back, casual outfit. This way the denim really gives off the boyfriend jean appeal, just by adding that extra texture. Distressed denim is a great way to add more texture, and color to your wardrobe.

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Although we are in love distressed denim, it might not appeal to all. Good old hole-less denim is ALWAYS a great option. It is such a timeless style, that is a must have for any closet. It really completes an outfit with its timeless simplicity. This style of denim is a must have, and our go-to when it comes to completing your outfit.

How can I add denim besides wearing denim pants?


-We love that denim is so on trend right now, not only for your good old pair of jeans, but as an added bonus to an outfit. Some great examples of that would be throwing on a great denim jacket or vest. We LOVE layering! This is a great way to not only add warmth to your outfit, but add more color and texture. We love pairing a denim jacket/vest with a pretty floral trapeze dress. We think this look is so on trend right now, and so fitting for any age!

We also are in love with denim skirts! These are so trending right now, and not only do we love the button up detail (seen above) but we love the length! Although denim skirts are very popular, it isn’t easy to find one that goes to your knee. This skirt is perfect because 1. It goes PAST your knees, making it the favorite length mostly seen with our trapeze dresses and 2. It is a darker denim, making it very versatile. This skirt is great with almost any top, perfect dressed up or down. It is quickly becoming a must have, timeless piece for your wardrobe.

What style and color did you decide fits you best? Are you ready to replace your old, worn out, beloved pair of jeans? Let us know what your favorite style is in the comments below, and say hello to some new pair of jeans!