The MSC Team Wish List

if there's one thing almost everyone knows about the women behind MSC, its that we love to shop. We spend a lot of time online shopping (either looking for products to carry at MSC, looking for gifts for others, or just looking for ourselves.) Around this time of year, when friends and family ask what we want for the holidays, we already have a healthy wishlist going! We thought it would be fun to share some of the things on our personal wishlists, in case you need any ideas for gifts to give others (or need to add a few things to your own wish list!) 

Sarah's Wishlist

Sarah is our fearless founder and owner. She spends all of her time keeping every department running and buying for our stores. Here's what is on her wishlist this year:

Oh So Cozy Camel Sweater - I don't have this color yet and I love these so much that I need one of every color. They are basically what I want to wear every day.
Opove Deep Tissue Massage Gun - I have tried this massager and it actually feels like it could get rid of knots and I have plenty of them.
Bubble Bath is always on my wish list. Two of my favorite brands that I always like to get are Deep Steep and Alaffia.
Chelsie's Wishlist
Chelsie is our content and social media manager. She is in charge of making sure all of the marketing departments are working together and she tries on a lot of clothes for our customers on Instagram! Here's what she is wishing for this year:
Season's Greetings Sweater - I tried this on at the store a few days go and instantly regretted not buying it after I left. I love the rusty red color, the texture, and the unique patterns and shapes!
Minky Couture Blanket - My favorite hobby is to nap (I kid you not) and having an ultimate soft blanket to snuggle up with is my dream gift.
Dr. Scholl's Loni Combat Boots - My friend wore these a few weeks ago and I haven't stopped thinking about them since. They are the perfect mix of combat boot, heeled boot, and warm boot!
Janelle's Wishlist
Janelle is our product manager, lead stylist, and assistant buyer. She basically is one with the clothes and is always shopping for new trendy pieces for us to carry. Here's what is on her wishlist this year:
All Right With Me Top I love the texture of this top & would love to have it to tuck into skirts for special occasions!
Robot Vacuum I've been on the lookout for a robot vacuum to clean up the pet hair at my house and Chelsie loves her Deebot so I want one too!
Sorel Phoenix Boots - I love a good pair of cute yet functional snow boots!! These ones are not cheap, but they'll last for years to come and are so stylish!
Kenzie's Wishlist
Kenzie is our lead graphic designer, videographer, and photoshoot director. Every pretty image, ad, and email is a direct result of her creative vision. Here's what she's wishing for this holiday season:
Season's Greetings Sweater This sweater is so cute and I love the color! I also love the cute pom pom texture and know that it will be a closet staple.
Function of Beauty Shampoo and Conditioner I've been obsessed with their hair care products and would love to get more. Plus they smell amazing!!
Yeti Tumbler I always have some sort of water bottle with me and would love to replace it with a reusable one.
Now it's your turn! Let us know what's on your wishlist and if you saw anything on our lists that you want to add!