Summer Girlfriends Bucket list

Summer Girlfriends Bucket List

Summer is here and if you’re like us, there are so many things that we want to do this summer. Big adventures, trying new things, and most importantly just soaking up time with our families. Let's put together the ultimate summer girlfriends bucket list because we’re all about our girl gang at MSC. 

No Planning Ideas

  • Eat dinner outside
  • Host a BBQ with all your favorite summer foods.
  • Have a water fight with your friends. 
  • Go on a relaxing nature walk close to your home. 
  • Get yourself and a friend a bouquet of summer flowers. 
  • Make a summer reading list.
  • Get your summer playlist all figured out. 

Ideas That Take a Little Planning

  • Go to the zoo. 
  • Camp in your backyard (with or without a tent) or go to a local campground for one night. 
  • See an outdoor concert or go to a music festival. 
  • Visit a drive-in movie theater or have a movie night in your backyard. 
  • Have a bonfire at the beach, and don’t forget the s’mores, starbursts, and strawberries + jet-puffed marshmallow creme. 
  • Hike to a waterfall or a beautiful lookout. 
  • Paddle Boarding
  • Host a Bridgerton-inspired tea party/brunch and have everyone dress up.
  • Sleep under the stars. 
  • Slip n’ Slide party, not like a kids slip n slide, find a hill, get a long plastic tarp, a water hook up, and a little bit of soap. 
  • Plant a butterfly garden 

Ideas to Plan Ahead for

  • Go on a beach vacation. 
  • Go white water rafting. 
  • Take a vacation to Lake Powell and camp on a beach, do some fishing, or go on a boating trip. 
  • Take a road trip with your best friends, make a road trip playlist, and make sure to get all your favorite snacks.
  • Find the biggest roller coaster in your state and go on it. 
  • Go on a staycation and do all the touristy things. 
  • Disconnect with the world and go camping for a few days.