Styling a Crewneck Sweatshirt 101

Chilly weather and cozy sweatshirts - can you name a more perfect duo? Winter is officially here in Utah and we are ready for all the warm layers that come with the season. It’s time to break out your cozy clothing. One trend we are really loving this year is the oversized sweatshirt with the crew neck. It gives a total 90’s, retro style that we adore. Today let’s talk about a few of the ways to elevate your sweatshirt game. 

How to Style A Crewneck Sweatshirt

If you’re going for a comfy style, but don’t want to look frumpy, you will want to pay attention to the pants you wear. Instead of pairing your sweatshirt with baggy sweatpants, balance the outfit out with more fitted leggings or a jogger style. It’s like the baggy tee + biker shorts trend, only made more cold weather appropriate. 

Another casual and effortless way to style a sweatshirt is to pair a cropped one with mom- jeans and white sneakers. It’s an easy combo to put together and has such an effortless look! If you don’t have a cropped sweatshirt or aren’t feeling the cropped trend, a simple front tuck will give you a similar effect by giving you some shape at the waist.


Contrary to what you might think, sweatshirts aren’t just for casual outfits. If styled correctly, they can be great for a more dressy or polished look. One way to do that is by adding a collared layer underneath so that the collar comes through and over the crew neck. You would also a trench coat on top. Whatever you decide, adding a piece of clothing that has a structured collar really changes the overall vibe of the sweatshirt outfit.

Another way to give your sweatshirt an elevated look is to keep the monochrome style. This is where our favorite matching set trend comes in handy. Grab a sweatshirt + pant set and you will have an easy and convenient outfit that doesn’t take much thought to put on! Simply layer with some jewelry and a jacket and the look will be complete


If you really want to capture the chic, effortless, and dressed-up style with a sweatshirt, pair it with a dress or midi skirt over denim or leggings. In order to achieve this outfit, grab a graphic sweatshirt and your favorite skirt and simply tuck the sweatshirt in! The mix of the styles creates such a ready-to-go and easy look. Bonus if the skirt has a dainty pattern or a polished material such as silk or chiffon. 

As always, don’t forget about your accessories. Adding a simple necklace or statement stud earrings creates a tasteful touch to a casual outfit and really gives it a completed look. Your hair is also a huge accessory so we suggest try a low sleek bun with your monochrome outfit for an understated look and a chunky braid to wear with your mom-jeans outfit.