Spring Picnic

Spring Picnic

Let’s pretend it isn’t still snowing in Utah and dream of a spring picnic instead. Do you know the ones like the movies with a patchwork quilt, wicker basket, and all the best picnic snacks? However, for it to be perfect you need the perfect dress or outfit depending on your style. Today we’re bringing you three picnic looks with everything down to the accessories. 

Look #1

Have you ever seen something so stunning? This dress is all of our favorite qualities rolled into one. But let's start with the unique floral pattern, it’s nothing like we’ve seen and we love the 3D look. To give this look more of a “girl next door” vibe, we will go with white sneakers and this adorable oversized bow. It’s chic, elegant, and so adorable like it’s right out of a movie. 

Look #2

We’re going for a boho chic look for this next look. Something with earthy tones, multiple patterns, and something with an almost vintage vibe. Starting with a patchwork style midi skirt, a graphic t-shirt to keep it casual, and adding a strappy sandal to give it that dressed-up look. 

Look #3

This last one is for our classy, timeless girls, the ones that take a couple of simple pieces and make a stunning outfit out of them. We’re getting something as classic and simple as a button-down, but spruce it up with some color. Now, jeans for a casual and simple look in whatever style you favor. To give it that finishing touch we’re going with thick white heels and a set of bracelets.