Spring Outfit Wishlist

Spring Outfit Wishlist 

Since we live in Utah we're definitely dressing for the weather we want, rather than the weather we have. It’s hopeful thinking. However, we’ve entered the doom and gloom part of winter that we can’t stand. Today we’re sharing our spring wishlist. It includes everything we want to give us the spring outfits we’ve been dreaming of. 


Let’s talk shoes first, the finishing piece to your outfit. 

  • Beige or White boots- It’s about time to ditch the black and dark brown boots. A simple switch to lighter-colored boots ensures your feet are still comfortable while adding a spring feel to your outfit. 
  • White Sneakers- These might be your most worn shoes this Spring. Pair them with dresses, skirts, jumpsuits, jeans, and shorts. They’re versatile and trendy, giving you such a chic, sporty vibe. 
  • Mules or Loafers- The classy yet casual shoe that goes well with anything! You can get a more relaxed or dressy look depending on your personal style, but these shoes will be something you grab multiple times a week. 
  • White or Cream Kitten Style heels- The lower heel style is returning and we are loving it! Gone are the days of trying to walk in heels that could break someone's ankle. 


  • Billowy and Flowy blouses- You want something that looks just as cute with jeans or a jumpsuit as it does with a skirt. Something that can be professional but also cute and casual. 
  • Fitted neutral top- This is more for layering, under jumpers, overalls, lightweight cardigans, etc. You need a top that can be your go-to but isn’t going to steal the show. 
  • Graphic T-shirt- The baby-style t-shirt from the 90s’ is totally coming back, but if that’s not your style any cute graphic t-shirt will do. 
  • White Button-Downs- As shocking as this one is, we love it. It’s not just for the office, especially since the style is an oversized and looser-fit white button-down. 


  • Straight-Leg Jeans- in a lighter wash. Until it’s warm enough for shorts a light-wash relaxed fit denim is going to have to do. The relaxed fit is key though, in fact, all the trends are saying the baggier the better. 
  • Overalls- Just like everything else from the 90s and early 2000s, are coming back, especially the relaxed fit overalls. Pair it with a fitted top and mules for a casual look or dress it up a little with a blouse and white sneakers. 
  • Floral skirt- This isn’t just for your special occasions. A flowy, midi skirt or more fitted mini skirt with a graphic t-shirt makes for the cutest outfit, just don’t forget the white sneakers.