Spring Forward Your Wardrobe

Spring Forward Your Wardrobe

Just because Utah is a little late to the spring memo, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t get our spring wardrobes ready. We’re adding or swapping five things from our closet to get that spring feeling. We still have a few months before summer, so let’s not jump the gun too soon on our summer clothes. 

  1. Make your pants the focal point. Fun and unique pants are all anyone is wearing this spring. From white jeans, cargo pants, or checkered pants you can’t go wrong with bold pants and a simple top. They make for a simple, yet trendy outfit that even Genx would be proud of. 

  2. Ditch the jumper dress for a midi floral dress. A small floral pattern in neutral colors or something big and bold, floral midi dresses are very popular right now and we have the best ones to choose from. If it’s still a little cold, opt for a long sleeve or layer a light sweater over your dress. To give it that light, spring feeling, avoid a form-fitted style. 

  3. Don’t overdo it. Don’t think you have to go all out, some of the best outfits are the simple ones. Find your favorite style of jeans, wide leg, straight leg, whatever it is, you can’t go wrong with denim jeans and a white T-shirt

  4. Dressier, spring blouse. Not to contradict my last point, but if you’re needing something a little more dressed up, get a cute blouse. Some tops just don’t look good with shorts, but with jeans they’re adorable. That’s why spring is the perfect time for cute tops. 

  5. Jumpsuits, yes they’re amazing year-round, but spring is really when they shine. A flattering jumpsuit makes you feel all put together; there’s really nothing better. Utility style jumpsuits are super in, or a onesie style to give you an athletic look. Whatever it is, you need a jumpsuit that you love.