Patriotic Outfits at MSC

Anyone else having the hardest time believing that its July? I feel like I blinked and the summer is already halfway over. Luckily at My Sister’s Closet we will be having some super fun sales, events and the cutest items coming your way to brighten your spirits. However we are super excited that it’s July; the whole month is basically a party celebrating America. Plus if you are local to Utah you can find different parades, carnivals and rodeo’s happening in towns all across Utah.

This week we have the main celebration of July coming up; Independence Day! There’s fireworks, parades, family and friends getting together for BBQ’s, and tons of other exciting things to do. With all the fun events and activities having a patriotic and cute outfit is a must! This week on the blog we are bringing you three adorable outfits that are patriotic, but can totally be worn again during the rest of the summer.

Outfit #1

This outfit has the red white and blue color scheme, while still being stylish and trendy. With this outfit you could totally wear it again and again, but it definitely is giving us a subtle 4th of July style. It features our Ooh La La Tee for the red and white, then we paired it with our High Hopes Denim Skirt. This skirt is a medium to darker wash so it gives that blue tone we need. Plus we love the skirt, its casual, but still trendy and extra stylish. Now to accessorize we added our Bora Bora Sandals for an extra pop of red and any one of our adorable Red, White and Blue Scrunchies. However, if it were us we would definitely be leaning towards the red.

Now if a skirt isn’t going to work for the activities you have planned we have so many denim shorts that would give you the same style and more movement. But if you really wanted to capture a red, white and blue (navy) color scheme we can’t recommend our Ocean Side Shorts enough.

Outfit #2

This outfit hits you with a bold color scheme thanks to the red stripe top. We have our Red Rover Top paired with our Vintage Babe Shorts in White (or if you need longer shorts we have some here) we are loving how the white shorts complement this top. Not only do they complete this outfit, but they add a fresh, bold statement to it. We also have an more casual style red stripe top if that's more your style. Our Freedom Top can be found here. Now for shoes we went a little more neutral and grabbed our Ricki Beige Sandals. They are the perfect neutral sandal that you need not only for this outfit, but the rest of your summer outfits. Lastly you can’t forget about the accessories, we would pick the blue-chambray scrunchie out of our Red, White and Blue Scrunchie pack to complete tie in the blue to this outfit, but you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Outfit #3

The last outfit we are bringing to you is the cutest dress; it features our Take It All In Dress. It has a casual vibe, it’s crafted in the best material and its exceptionally flattering thanks to the functioning drawstring waist. This is a dress that you are going to wear throughout the entire year so it’s well worth it to grab it now. It features a navy-blue and white color scheme making it an easy 4th of July outfit. Plus its casual enough that you can wear it to all the BBQ’s and activities you have planned without feeling too dolled up. To complete the red, white and blue color scheme we think adding our Bora Bora Sandals is a fun way to add in that bold red color. When it comes to the scrunchie pack you really can’t go wrong with either the red or the white, it all depends on your style!

If a dress isn’t really your style we may or may not be, (but definitely will be) getting this same pattern in a jumpsuit style and grey color scheme so keep your eyes on our Just Dropped Tab to see when you can get your hands on that stunner!

All of these outfits feature some of our best sellers so we suggest you head over to the website or hit up one of our two stores. To snag an outfit that is perfect for all the patriotic events you have happening this July!