Outfits for When You're in a Hurry

Mornings aren't the best time for anyone. We know how it is — you rolled out of bed a little late because you kept hitting snooze, or maybe you forgot to set your alarm last night. Now you have twenty minutes to hop in the shower, brew that coffee, grab a bite to eat, blow-dry your hair and — most importantly — pick the perfect outfit to present yourself as ready for the day to come.

The morning is already a hectic time, and when you're running late or in a hurry, it can seem impossible to throw together an outfit that's attractive, professional, suitable for the occasion or well-coordinated. That takes a lot of time and planning you don't have, right?

If you have kids to get ready, errands to run, chores to complete or multiple stops to make, there's even less time left to dedicate to choosing your clothing — and in the rush, you might end up picking something that's either uncomfortable to spend a long day in or not the best pick for wherever you're going.

Looking for easy ideas for outfits you can put together in a minute? Whether you're looking for breezy, casual choices, semi-professional options or stylish picks for your nights on the town, it's simpler than you think to make quick, fashionable clothing choices that will keep you confident and comfortable all day.

From tips on assembling attractive, coordinated ensembles to specific clothing pieces you can incorporate into outfits for when you're in a hurry, we'll help you choose cute outfits that are simple to put together — so you never have to waste those 16 minutes staring into your closet again. Read on for tips, comfortable clothing choices and fashion inspiration.

You Spend a Lot of Time Picking Out Clothing

Did you know the average woman spends 16 minutes deciding what to wear each weekday morning? That's almost 287 days in your lifetime! Why do we worry so much about what we wear? According to a Telegraph study, it's because we interpret our outfits as outward expressions of our personalities, motivations and senses of self-worth.

If we're dressed attractively, uniquely and exceptionally, we feel more confident, motivated and capable in all our endeavors. In addition to the style of our clothing choices, comfort is extremely important. If you're squeezed into a stiff, ill-fitting business outfit or a pair of jeans that just don't move with you, you'll feel out of your element and less able to give your best to whatever task you're completing.

There's no questioning the fact that fashion is key in your daily life, but how can you carve out enough time in your morning schedule or hectic evenings to make sure you pick the perfect getup for your day job, night out, work function or another event?

The truth is, it doesn't have to take as much time and stress as you think. No matter if you have 45 minutes to prep for leaving your house or only five, you can make clothing choices that are sensible, comfortable and fashionable while still getting out the door in time for your workday or that party. Cute outfits you can make from your closet are simple when you know what to look for, what occasion you're dressing for, and how to mix and match the right pieces.

Tips for Putting Together Outfits When You Are in a Rush

When you're in a hurry to get everything together, get yourself ready and get out the door, picking an outfit that's functional, fashionable and comfortable can seem like too much of a challenge in the small window of time you have available. How can you coordinate colors and styles to fit the image you want to embody while making sure the articles you choose will keep you feeling comfortable and free to move with whatever tasks you need to attend to during the day?

Finding quick, cute outfits to put together from your closet is not as complicated as you think. Here are some simple tips you can follow to make sure you're crafting an outfit that works both physically and aesthetically.

1. Dress From the Bottom Up

If you spend your whole 15-minute morning or evening window picking the most stylish combination of a blouse and blazer, complementary skirt and scarf, matching dress and belt, or sharp pantsuit and coordinating jewelry only to find that you have no footwear that works well with the colors and styles you've chosen, you'll be frustrated, fed up, out of time and out of sync.

Instead of waiting until after your complicated outfit choice to pair your clothing with the perfect shoes, build your outfit aesthetic for the day from the bottom up. When you start by picking the right shoes to match your mood for the day, you'll be able to shape the rest of your clothing choices around their style while making sure everything matches or offsets other items in the right way.

For example, if you start with a sassy pair of brightly colored heels, you'll know to pick clothing that doesn't compete with their iconic look — you might stick to a complementary color, simple style or single shade to offset the shoes as a statement.

If you pick a pair of simple flats or unassuming sandals, you can choose either to keep it relaxed with more casual clothing choices or use their neutrality to make sure you don't overdo it when you opt for a flamboyant dress or bold-print blouse. Choosing your footwear first offers you so many style options while making sure you start off on the right foot.

2. Choose Clothing That Fits Comfortably

Bold prints, bright colors, stylish designs and stunning cuts make you feel inspired and ready to tackle anything the day brings as soon as you step out the door, but the satisfaction of your iconic fashion statement will quickly fade when you find yourself feeling less and less comfortable as the hours drag by. If those high heels start to hurt your ankles by lunchtime, those trendy pants cut into your waist when you sit down, or that sharp, stiff blazer makes you stand way too straight, your outfit will begin to feel like the wrong pick for the day way too quickly.

It doesn't have to hurt to be beautiful. Instead of sacrificing your comfort for a stunning sense of fashion, put the feeling of your clothes first. When you pick your outfit for the day, choose pieces that are soft, flexible, breathable and well-fitting. If you feel good in what you wear, you'll feel good about how you look, too. Nothing is more trendy than confidence.

3. Add Pizzazz With Accessories

If you feel like your clothes don't scream "stylish" enough on their own, spice it up with some accessories. A hand-picked combo of some well-matching jewelry, sunglasses and the perfect bag can make all the difference to the look of your outfit, whether it's simple, sassy or just needs some offsetting. Possibilities include:


    • Belts


    • Bracelets


    • Earrings


    • Neckwear


    • Headwear


  • Purses

Choose based on the undertones in your outfit, or pick a color that will complement the shades you're already wearing. You don't want to match the colors of your clothing exactly, but rather make them stand out by providing some aesthetically interesting contrast. Accessorize it up.

4. Keep It Simple and Classy

You might think an exciting outfit means choosing bold prints, unusual pieces and uncomfortable cuts to rival what models wear on the runway, but the best kind of outfit for any occasion — whether it's work, a social function or a fun night — is a clothing combination that keeps it classy and complements you in a simple way.

If you're not sure about your style or don't feel like bold choices match your personality, stick to classic styles and neutral shades you can mix and match for an outfit that works every time.

5. Shop From One Source

Having trouble coordinating clothing pieces and don't know how to make the various components of your outfit work well together? Choose your clothing from the same store or source. This can be the best solution for finding pieces that work well together in:


    • Style


    • Size


    • Color


  • Comfort

When you're shopping for new contributions to occasion-based or everyday outfits, go back to the source your key clothing item came from — or, better yet, shop for matching or complementary clothing choices at the same time, so you can build your coordinated outfits before you even need to pull them from the closet.

One-Piece Outfits for When You Are Running Late

When you're behind schedule, juggling a million things in your mind and your hands and just need to dash out the door as soon as possible, sometimes the problem with picking the right outfit is needing to put together multiple pieces of clothing and making sure they're coordinated. But not every amazing outfit is made up of multiple components. Instead of wasting time you don't have trying to throw a trendy outfit together like a puzzle, get your style on with these easy one-piece outfits you can slip on in a jiff.

1. Jumpsuits


Business casual, anyone? These all-in-one, full-length outfits are great for just about any occasion and style — and they come in so many colors and varieties to suit your preferences and purposes:


    • If you're looking for a simple but stylish piece to wear for work, pair a black jumpsuit with a sensible pair of heels or ankle boots.


  • If you're aiming for something a little more casual, try a more laid-back style, like a light-colored cotton or denim jumpsuit with sandals and a summery hat.

You can dress up your jumpsuit with jewelry for a night out, keep it appropriate for your job, or choose beachy and breezy — jumpsuits are such a fun choice, you'll want to pack your closet with a variety of these one-piece wonders.

2. Rompers

A lot like jumpsuits but made for warmer months and more casual occasions, rompers are a smart choice for slipping on and heading out the door to run some errands, grab lunch, attend a picnic or enjoy a night out.

When it's spring or summertime and too warm for pants — but you're not quite ready to pull out the shorts, either — rompers deliver everything you need in one. Choose denim or linen for a casual, beachy feel — they pair perfectly with stripes and sandals. If you're aiming for a little more classy look, try simple rompers in neutral colors and pair them with a cute cropped jacket, complementary belt and flats.

3. Maxi Dresses

Feeling the need to go with the flow? Breezy, elegant and adaptable, maxi dresses are the perfect choice for those times you want to be both comfortable and beautiful — and they're so simple to dress up, dress down or don for any occasion.

When you wear a maxi dress, assembling your outfit means slipping it over your head and heading out the door. Available in so many styles, maxi dresses can work for:


    • Formal occasions


    • Nights on the town


    • Work attire


  • Casualwear

And they're easy to accessorize with belts, jewelry, different shoes, jackets and wraps. Whether you like floral or stripes, simple or elegant, you're sure to maximize your fashion statement by slipping on a maxi dress.

4. Shirt Dresses


When you want to look feminine while still keeping it casual and simple to slip on, shirt dresses are just the pick for you. Available in so many cuts, styles and aesthetics — including short, long, button-down, swing and shift — these no-fuss pieces make fashionable outfits in a flash. Dress them up with belts and ankle boots, pair them with gladiator sandals and a sunhat for a casual look, or rock a cutoff jacket with your favorite shirt dress for some urban appeal. Whatever your style, shirt dresses will work perfectly.

5. Overalls

You might think these denim one-pieces are a thing of childhood and the past, but overalls are back, and they're trendier than ever. Whenever you need a casual go-to, grab a pair and throw them over a striped tee. If you like the country look, pair them with ankle boots and a hat, or keep your look classier with a button-down blouse and heels.

With so many washes, colors and materials, overalls can be beachy, classically casual, alternative and even reimagined as dresses. Dress them up or down and make their style your own with the right combo of shirt, belt, cardigan and shoes. It's your easiest outfit yet.

Work Outfits You Can Put Together in a Minute

On your way out the door for work and need something stylish and professional? Picking an outfit that's both comfortable and fashionable while still being workplace-appropriate doesn't have to mean squeezing into uninspiring dress pants, stiff pencil skirts, suits or all-black attire while struggling to accessorize every day. Here are some business-casual combinations that give you comfort, room for style and time to get to the office punctually.

1. One-Piece Pantsuits

Remember how we recommended those jumpsuits as all-in-one outfit options to get you out the door quickly? They're perfect office wear for the busy businesswoman.

Choose a relaxed-fit, neutral-colored jumpsuit that's appropriate for the workplace and dress it up with a smart blazer, fashionable pumps and some complementary jewelry. You'll be comfortable, stylish and ready to take on the world after only a few minutes of outfit prep. Try keeping different colors and styles in your closet as your go-tos with different accessories for an effortless outfit every day.

2. Comfy Elastic Office Pants

Like to look your best and most professional but can't stand the feeling of those button-up dress pants digging into your waist as you sit at your desk? Most offices won't let us dress too casually, but that doesn't mean you can't be comfortable.

Keeping working those business-attire pants into your outfit choices without having to sit up so straight all day — elastic-waist and drawstring office pants are so much more comfortable. You'll feel like you're wearing sweatpants but still look as polished as ever. No one will know the difference, and you'll want to keep making that secret, cozy choice every day.

To make your professional look even more comfortable, try pairing your loose, flowing drawstring pants with a soft linen or cashmere-knit shirt and fashionable flats for a relaxed feel all day long.

3. Shirt Dresses Paired With Breezy Blazers

Shirt dresses are back again! They're the perfect casual choice, but they also make trendy office attire — you just need to pick the right kind and pair them with a business blazer for a fashionable workplace statement. For a more formal office choice, choose a button-down blouse dress and complement it with a longline blazer for a loose, flowy fit that still sports a professional vibe. Pair your shirt dress and blazer combo with pumps or mary janes for a formal flair, ankle boots for a sassy kick, or flats for a more comfortable feel. It's a look that works every time.

Casual Outfits for When You're Running Late

Relaxed dinner plans, college classes, family gatherings or other events might not call for outfits as dressy as work attire or night-out getup, but you still want to be fashionable. Plus, if you're running late, it can be just as hard to throw together an outfit in a hurry. For those moments when you need a go-to casual pick to slip on, here are a few ideas.

1. Fashionable Flannels

Going for that relaxed feel while still hoping to sport a look that's trendy and attractive? If you want to be casual, comfortable and stylish at the same time, flannel is the perfect way to go. You don't have to think too hard about accessorizing or spend much time pairing with the perfect shoes and pants when you have a flannel as your iconic outfit piece. Grab your favorite flannel, a pair of well-fitting jeans and some comfy flats, sassy sandals or cute ankle boots for a complete outfit. You can even dress it up a bit with an easy-to-wear flannel shirt dress.

2. Workout Wear

Sometimes all you want is to feel comfortable, and nothing sounds better than wearing sweats all day — but you still want to look put together. Instead of your go-to baggy sweatpants and an oversized sweatshirt, stay casual and comfortable with a little more style by wearing workout clothing on your informal outing. Choose from:


    • Colorful compression pants


    • Bold-patterned yoga pants or leggings


  • Breathable, moveable matching workout tops with zip-up sweatshirts

It's the perfect sporty, sassy vibe.

3. Boyfriend Jeans

Aiming for something simple, stylish and alternative? Loose-fitting, available in multiple washes and perfect for any casual outing, boyfriend jeans are an attractive pick.

Pair them with your favorite white tee and flannel, sweater, jacket and shoes of any style for a look that's all your own. You can go a little dressier with some jewelry and ankle boots or keep it casual with sneakers and a sweatshirt — whatever style you choose, you'll be comfortable and out the door in no time.

Easy Outfits for Day to Night

Whether you're at work or school, daytime is all "go" for you— from the time you wake up in the morning, you have to keep powering through. While that means dressing in simple outfits that are easy to grab and go, it can also mean being too busy to drop back home and change into an evening outfit before you go out at night for fun or business plans.

To transition seamlessly from day to night looks without having to worry about changing your clothing, you need versatile, simple wardrobe pieces that will work for both occasions. Here are four cute day-to-night outfits you can put together with pieces you probably already have in your closet.

1. Silk Blouses

When you like to keep your style comfortable, simple and still sophisticated, nothing is easier to incorporate into any kind of outfit than a stylish silk blouse. Choose your favorite style, color and sleeve length and pair with work pants, jeans, corduroys or leather pants — depending on the dress code of your workplace or college — and walk effortlessly from daylight hours to drinks on the town in your silk blouse and matching ankle boots or wedges.

2. All-In-Ones

Whether it's a jumpsuit, a romper or a maxi dress, one-piece outfits are some of the easiest looks to transition from day to night — and you can wear them almost anywhere!

Don that chic, sophisticated jumpsuit or elegant, effortless maxi dress for your day in the office and keep it on all night, whether you're meeting a business contact for drinks or going out dancing. All-in-ones are that easy to adapt to any environment. Try them with strappy sandals and wedges, heels, ankle boots and chic jewelry to complete your look.

3. Wrap Skirts

Available in various lengths, colors and materials to suit your individual style and the other articles of clothing in your wardrobe, wrap skirts are surprisingly simple to put on and adaptable to almost any look, whether you're working in an office, rocking an internship, teaching a class or sitting in one.

To look chic and professional in the day, pair your wrap skirt with ankle boots, heels or strappy sandals and a simple blouse, sweater or turtleneck. At night, throw on a leather jacket for drinks or dancing, switch to some stylish sneakers for a casual night look or keep your outfit as-is for easy sophistication wherever you go.

4. Stylish Black Dresses

We all know how essential that little black dress can be to your wardrobe — but we bet you didn't know how well it could work for both day and night. With some interesting detailing like stripes, ribbing or embroidery, you can use your black dress as both go-to daytime and eveningwear.

To make sure your dress works for all occasions, it's best to pick one that falls to your knees or a little lower. Strappy black dresses are good for layering under more conservative blouses or pairing with cardigans during the day, which you can always shed at night for a more refined look. Short-sleeved, long-sleeved and three-quarter-sleeved dresses are perfect for both times of day all on their own! Dress them up or down with colorful or neutral heels or ankle boots and blend in with both office attire and chic night-out outfits perfectly.

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