One Top, Three Styles

One Top, Three Styles

When shopping for new clothes it can be a little overwhelming. You don’t want to just buy things that aren’t going to create outfits or buy something that only looks good with one certain thing. To get the most out of your money and your clothes, you want something that can create multiple outfits. We’re going to show you how we do that with one of our favorites, the Cenna Sweater Vest. (Or really any sweater vest, we just love the texture on this specific one) 

Obviously, it looks adorable on it’s own with your favorite style of jeans or pants, so we’re not going to include that one, but just don’t forget about it. 

  • Sweater Vest Over a Dress. we absolutely love this, it gives your dress a whole new look while also adding texture and uniqueness. It also gives your summer dresses another wear when the seasons start to transition. There’s two ways to do this, use a belt over your sweater vest and dress and pull the vest through until it’s billowing and the belt isn’t seen. Or put a bra over your dress and tuck the vest up into it giving it a cropped look. 

  • Sweater Vest Over a Long Sleeve. This one is perfect for when it starts to get cooler, but it’s not cold enough for a jacket or sweater. We prefer this style with leggings, a longer sweater vest, and a long sleeve the same color as the leggings. To make it look the best, make sure the long sleeve is form fitting. 

  • Sweater Vest Over a Graphic T-Shirt. This one we haven’t totally figured out for ourselves yet, but we've seen it look so cute on other people. We think the trick is to have a sweater vest with a v-neck if you want the graphic to peek through. But that’s not always necessary, it still looks so cute with just over a graphic t-shirt. Pair it with wide leg jeans or a pleated mini skirt for a trendy look.