New Year, Happier ME!

New Year, Happier Me


It’s 2023, the start of January, and now is the time we see all the different new year's resolutions thrown around. Almost everyone has a list of ten+ things they want for the next year. They want to get fit, spend less money, or eat healthier. While none of these are bad resolutions, we want our focus this year to be a happier human. Here are a couple of mindset changes we are trying to make on our New Year's resolution list. 


Healthier Lifestyle

Rather than trying to get six packs, lose this much weight, or workout every day, we want to switch our focus on loving ourselves in our current state, maybe just making a healthier decision (whatever that looks like for you). There are lots of pressures to choose a certain workout style, work out just for physical results, and eat certain foods. However, we've noticed that if we're working out just for physical results, or to please the world it doesn't bring about lasting happiness. A healthier lifestyle to us is a happier YOU! The more you love something, the easier it is to keep at it.


Change the Pressure

This world is full of pressure. Pressure to look a certain way, have a specific routine, or buy the newest trend. Since there is already so much pressure from the world around us, we've noticed that if we measure our progress on consistent effort results turn out better. For instane, if you are trying to spend less time on your phone and you spend a little more than you wanted on Wednesday, you can look at the whole week and evealuate the time as a whole and then you won't feel like you’ve already failed your New Years resolution. 



Life nowadays is full of distractions. Our phones, TVs, and movie subscriptions. We’re almost always listening or being bombarded by something. It’s hard to really check in with yourself when you never have any time to be mindful. This doesn’t just tie to mental health either, be mindful of what you tell yourself, treat yourself, and feed yourself. 



We have seen lots of people adding some sort of financial goal to their new year's resolutions. Why wouldn’t they?! Getting your finances in a good place is so important. A goal to save more money is one of the goals that will only help you in the future. However, make it tailored to you! Sit down and look at your finances. Rather than focusing on a certain number to attain by next year, figure out what percentage you can put into savings and reevaluate that number. 

 These are just a few of the things that can be tricky or self-sabotaging when it comes to goals. But here are a few New Year's Resolutions that are on our list. 


  • Declutter monthly, if your house is anything like ours, you probably have more stuff than you’ll ever need. Things that you’re holding on to because maybe one day you’ll need them. Chances are, it’s probably just taking up space. Plus if keeping a cleaner house is on your list, decluttering makes cleaning up so much easier and quicker. 
  • Create a wardrobe that we love. This year we are spending less time focusing on what other people are wearing and more on wearing things that we love. We are going to try the trends that we want to try. We want to create a wardrobe full of pieces that we love and that make us feel good. 
  • Prioritize Rest and Sleep. Everyone’s always bragging about how hard they can hustle, how little sleep they got, or how chaotic their schedules are. This year we are focusing more of our energy on resting when we’re tired.
  • Find Happiness in the Mundane. Not every day will be exciting, not every day will be full of your favorite things. But this year, let’s learn to find joy in the little things. Create a life you love to live, by loving the life you already live.