Millennial Make Over (part two)

Millennial Make Over
Part Two

In case you missed part one, you can find it here along with all our other blogs! This week we have part two, all about updating our graphic t-shirts. The graphic tee isn’t new, it’s been around through all the generations. However, how we style it has undoubtedly changed in the mid-2000s’. One might have worn a graphic t-shirt with insanely patterned pants or with colored skinny jeans. Not only are we changing what we wear them with, but we’ve also updated how we’re wearing them. 

It’s 2012, you just purchased a new graphic tee. It's form-fitted and has your favorite saying on it. You’ve got it paired with flared jeans, heels, and a cardigan to make it a little more put together. We have our lovely Chelsie here, wearing this outfit and if she’s wearing it then you know it’s cute and on-trend. Since the times have changed, so has this outfit, so let's update it! 

  • Alright, the first thing to remove is the graphic t-shirt. We’re changing it up with this unique card graphic t-shirt. Let's grab it in a bigger size, making it oversized and relaxed. (It’s much more trendy this way, trust me).
  • Next up, we’re saying sayonara to the fitted, cropped cardigan. To keep it business casual, we’ll replace it with a blazer. Get a more relaxed, and looser fit because if Gen Z tells us anything it’s that oversized is in. 
  • Now, the jeans could stay, flared is very in right now. But because of the shoes, we’re picking we’re going to change them to a girlfriend or boyfriend fit. (The girlfriend fit is a little more tapered whereas the boyfriend fit embraces the oversized and casual) 
  • While we love heels, all-white sneakers are all the rage right now. They tie in the casualness of the graphic t-shirt while adding a cute sense of ‘girl next door.’ They’re the perfect shoe, especially in 2022.