Millennial Make Over (part one)

Millennial Make Over

Part One

 We feel like millennials have been hit hard this year with their fashion choices. Gen Z came out of nowhere and completely changed the style, dictating what’s cool and what’s not. If you’re a millennial, you may feel a little left behind and dated. This series is to help you feel a little more on-trend and not left in the dust.


Picture this with us, it's 2012 (ish) you’re getting ready to go out. You’ve got your trusty skinny jeans on, a black and white stripe shirt, and combat boots to complete the look with your trusty olive green utility jacket. It’s the outfit of all outfits! Now that you’ve probably transitioned away from this exact outfit, that utility jacket still has a hold on you. You can see this is one of our favorites, Chelsie looks stunning in this outfit. 

  • Now, let's update this. The first thing that’s gotta go is the skinny jeans, we know, we're sorry. Let's grab a pair of straight-leg jeans.  
  • Ditch the striped shirt and trade it for just a basic, black, cream, white, or something neutral. The choice of a top or body suit is more of a personal preference. 
  • Ditch the combat boots, or whatever other shoes you were wearing back then, and grab a sleek pair of booties. Grab white to make a statement or neutral if you don’t want to be too bold. 
  • For the final update, we’re ditching the utility jacket. We know, grieve it if you need it, but we promise you’ll fall in love with its replacement. We’re switching it for a shacket, something a little longer and oversized to achieve the Gen Z look.