Iconic Chick Flick Inspired Outfits

We have all been there, we are watching our favorite chick flick and the main girl is wearing a stunning outfit and all we can think about is “how can I create that outfit?” Her style is impeccable and something you want to recreate, whether that be for a night out on the town or just something casual. You don’t have to have a professional picking out your outfits, you just need a little help. With the right dresses, tops and accessories we will have you dolled up after your favorite celebrities in no time.

There’s a love story that everyone loves, boy meets girl, boy and girl split up and eventually find their way back to each other like the classic movie; The Notebook. Now we can’t promise you a boy as good looking as Ryan Gosling or a date as romantic as rowing through a stream, but we have two dresses that capture a 1940’s, vintage Allie vibe.

  1. The first dress is our Jory Lynne Dress, to us it gives off that total vintage style. It features a gorgeous fit and flare style to recreate Allie’s look. However, it does have a super cute collar and it’s not as fitted on the bottom to give it your own touch of style. Plus ours has pockets to make it just a little better.
  2. The other dress that can recreate this look is our No Regrets Dress. This dress is a loose, more relaxed style yet it still gives off a vintage, 1940’s style. It features the buttons down the front just like hers, but it also has a collar to give it a little extra style.

For our next movie feature we have a classic; Dirty Dancing. Baby’s style is simple, effortless and one of a kind. The outfit we are dying to recreate is her white collared top and bermuda style shorts. With summer right around the corner this inspired outfit is one you are going to wear over and over.

  • Baby definitely made high waisted bermuda shorts as trendy as they are. We chose our Cloud 9 Bermuda Shorts to give you the same length, but to spruce up your outfit just a touch they have the adorable distressing details. However, if you are wanting a more traditional Baby style we have our Classic Bermuda Shorts.
  • Now, we understand that its probably not practical for all of us to be running around in tied up, crop tops but to give you that same style we opted for our Sweet Little Thing Top to give the button down and v-neck style.

Another movie that has us wanting their wardrobe is the classic and remastered version of Footloose. A movie about a boy who just wants to dance in a town that doesn’t allow it. Ariel Moore has the country, laid back and effortless style that should be easy to recreate. Our favorite outfit is definitely her vintage style dress she wears to the dance.

Our Easy to Love Dress is just the thing that captures the beloved prom dress of Miss Ariel. It has the ruffle details, stunning blush color, but to spruce it up just a touch ours has a stunning and one of kind floral texture to give it that added flare. Wherever you decide to go in this dress, just know it totally gives off the same iconic style as the movie! 

Next time you find yourself pining over an outfit in a movie head to My Sister's Closet. It might surprise you, but you don't need to have a professional stylist or spend thousands of dollars to recreate an outfit you love!