How to Wear White After Labor Day

Once again Labor Day has come and gone and the question is asked, can you wear white after Labor Day? Back in the day it was a big no-no, Labor Day meant the end of summer vacation and the start of work and all things fall; especially clothing. Maybe that used to be true but at My Sister’s Closet we are embracing white pieces all year long. White is too effortless and gorgeous of a color to be restricted to only a few months out of the year.

The Basic White Tee


The summer is all about white basic tees and we don’t think they should have to be put away. I mean who doesn’t want that effortless style to continue throughout the entire year? However, with the chillier weather it can be difficult to wear a short sleeve tee. Here are a few of our favorite tips to keep you effortless and cozy.

  • Cardigans: Probably one of the easiest and comfiest layers to add. Plus there are so many different textures, styles and lengths to help you find a style perfect for you. With our Luna cardigans coming in all the colors of the rainbow you can create so many stunning outfits with your white basic tee at the base.
  • Denim Jackets: Remember those effortless white tee and denim short outfits you rocked all summer? Well keep the denim style going by adding a denim jacket. Try the denim on denim or a pair of culottes. Either way one thing is for sure, that white basic tee is going to look fabulous.

Dresses: All of those solid white dresses or floral dresses with a white base don’t need to be sent away. You can try layering underneath with a mock neck, long sleeve and of course a cardigan.

Bottoms: In the summer time white denim shorts where a go-to outfit, but now you’d freeze. Instead of banning white bottoms opt for something a little more cold weather friendly like a pair of white skinny jeans or our white moto jeggings.

Shoes: How about those adorable white tennies or slide mule flats that you bought, as long as its not a blizzard outside we say why not wear them. They are easy to pair with and too cute to be tucked away in your closet.

What to Buy

With the weather getting cold reaching for a lightweight linen shirt isn’t practical, instead reach for something thicker and cozier. With white creating the most effortless outfits we understand why so many are now breaking the ‘Labor Day Rule.’

  • Sweaters: Create fall and winter appropriate outfits with a white sweater or pullover. You can opt for a classic knit sweater style or more of a cowl neck pullover. Either way with white as the base we know you’ll look fabulous. Plus you can wear it with so many different bottoms, whether you decide to add a pop of color, casual denim or keep it classy with black.
  • Cardigans: Switch it up a little, instead of a colored cardigan try a colorful pattern top under a white cardigan. The white is sure to add that pop of color and really draw out any white in the pattern. Plus a cardigan gives you the coziness without any of the bulk. It also gives you that layering style that is so trendy come the fall and winter months.
  • Long Sleeves: Remember all those jumpsuits or overall dresses that you used to wear with your basic white tee? During the colder months opt for a long sleeve to keep that effortless and breezy style without being cold. Plus a long sleeve white tee can be used for a lot more than just layering. Give yourself that effortless tee and jeans look that you wore so much in the summer by adding a white long sleeve to your wardrobe.
  • Scarves & Beanies: Whether it's snowing outside or you just haven’t washed your hair in a couple days a beanie is the perfect way to add a cozy touch to any outfit. With a scarf you get that coziness while also adding more layers to keep you trendy. It’s something small, but adding a pop of white to any outfit gives that crisp and effortless look.
  • Details: If you are still unsure about breaking this age old rule then start small with the details. A white necklace, boot cuffs or even a white bag can give you that pop of crisp white without breaking this rule entirely. As you start to incorporate white into your fall and winter wardrobe you’ll realize what a silly rule it was in the first place and continue to wear your white year round.


An easy way to keep the fall and winter feel to your white outfits is to add some texture. Whether the texture is a classic knitted texture or a unique fuzzy style, by adding a wintery texture keeps it more appropriate for fall and winter.


If you are still on the fence about wearing white after labor day you can always turn to the classic black and white option. The black helps it feel a little more cold weather appropriate while the white adds in its effortless and crisp style that it has.

Still Nervous? Layer, Layer, Layer

A huge trend in the fall and winter months is layering, it's the perfect way to give your outfit some dimension. For the days following that first Monday in September try layering with white. Whether you are layering a white tee or using a white trench coat to do the layering, white is too perfect of a color to be hidden during anytime of the year.