How To Accessorize and Dress for Fall

As of September 22nd fall is officially upon us, which means crisp air, pumpkin spice everything, gorgeous leaves and our personal favorite: fall fashion. In the fall your top knot and over sized clothing is viewed as effortless, instead of homeless. You get to wear cuddly soft tops and be extremely comfortable while looking stunning instead of lazy. Plus fall style is so much cuter and easier to achieve, there are more options to help add texturing and spruce up outfits than any other time of the year.

Dressing for Fall

Sweaters & Cardigans

There are so many different styles of sweaters out there, thicker, chenille and a lightweight sweater for layering. For a complete fall wardrobe you need them all, you'll thank me later. 

Our favorite style of thicker sweaters is a knit style, they really are as classic as they come. These are perfect for throwing on with your favorite jeans and heading out the door. They rarely need layering thanks to their thicker knit style. 


Now we love lightweight sweaters for their ability to layer and be layered. Plus they are perfect for transitioning and wearing during the chilly, but not freezing months. Lightweight sweaters tend to be incredibly soft, something you won't ever want to take off! 


Cardigans are probably the easiest way to create the perfect fall outfit. They add a layering style, keep you warm and are if they are from My Sister's Closet then they are adorable! Plus with a cardigan you can get so many different lengths to create more dimension in your outfit. Our very favorite cardigan is the Micah cardigan, it comes in so many fun colors. Get yours here!




First up let's talk about scarfs, there are so many different ways to style it and different textures you can choose from. Whether you are in need of a chunky knit, a blanket, or silk scarf it's the easiest way to add a layer to your outfit.

A chunky knit or blanket scarf is perfect for adding a cozy vibe to your wardrobe. It can be draped around your neck or wrapped like in an infinity style. With a thicker scarf you can get away with a top knot if you are on your second or third day hair. It will give you that perfect effortlessly gorgeous look.


With a silk scarf you have a few more options on how to wear it, you can tie it around your neck to give yourself a more sophisticated and polished style the most scarfs. It can also be worn in your hair either around a low pony, around your top knot or even as a headband. There is also the option of tying it on your bag to give it a pop of color or pattern.

Scarfs no matter how you wear them or style them they are a definite fall must have. You can pair them with a plain tee, or with a cardigan or jacket to add extra layers. They can keep you cozy, add a unique texture and complete a fall look in a simple way.


Next we have hats, there are so many different styles of hats out there. If you are needing something more modern and stylish, something to cover your unwashed hair, or you need something to keep you warm. There is a hat out there perfect for all of these occasions.

The most ‘fall appropriate’ hat is definitely a beanie, you can get a solid color or opt for a funky knit, either way we can’t deny how cozy they are. Most people think that beanies can only be worn when you are heading out to play in the snow but that’s totally not the case. A beanie is an adorable way to add a knit or textured detail to any outfit.


Next we have the baseball or ‘dad hat’ style, these used to be only for the dads but not anymore. This is a perfect hat for keeping the snow and harsh winds off of your face and add a casual, tomboy style to any outfit. If you want something a little more feminine reach for the baker boy style. It’s a vintage look with a girlier take on the baseball cap.

The last hat we want to mention are the structured wool or suede hats. These include the panama, fedora, floppy and boater style. They have a wider and stiff brim to complete any outfit. These hats add such a trendy and modern style while looking perfect with any fall outfit. 

So wherever your day takes you, whether its out into the chilly weather or kept inside don't forget to accessorize your outfit with a hat. Hats are meant to be worn for more than just when the weather allows or your hair is struggling. 


Our last accessory is shoes. If you are a mule flats, high heels, or booties type of gal, your shoes are what bring together and finish an outfit. 

Before the snow starts to fall and it gets way too cold for anything with an open heel rock all your favorite mules. Mules are the perfect way to give your outfit an elegant and polished look without having to bother with heels. Lets be honest, no one really enjoys wearing heels but does for the sophistication. Now you don't have to, and at My Sister's Closet we have some seriously adorable mule styles for you to pick from. 


A classic fall shoe is definitely ankle booties, whether you decide to get heeled or flats is up to you, but every woman needs a good pair of ankle booties. You can pair ankle booties with jeans, skirts, maxi dresses, jumpsuits, basically anything because they are so versatile. We have a bunch of different styles for you to choose from ones with cutout details to solid faux leather, you won't be disappointed! 


This is just the start of our fall and winter clothing, be sure to check out our new arrivals every Friday morning at 9:00 A.M. MST.