Holiday Style Guide

‘Tis the season for Christmas lights, Hallmark Movies, and family parties. And the best part? Holiday fashion and styles! With all the lights around you and the glittering snow (if you have any where you are) it’s the perfect time to be a little ‘extra’ in your outfit choices. You want to look your best, no matter the occasion. Adding in a little festive cheer is just a bonus. Today we are bringing you a few outfit ideas for all your holiday activities. 

    • Silver and Gold - The classic color combo on every Christmas tree! Silver, gold, or both are the perfect accents to add to a wardrobe. Mix them together by layering necklaces or pick one color and go all out with earrings, a necklace, bracelet and hair accessory. The metals will catch the holiday lights and give you an extra twinkle! 
    • Think about the texture. Holidays and velvet. Velvet and holidays. These two things just go together and it’s a no brainer to look for some velvet textures to add to your closet for the holidays. Velvet is such a high-end, exquisite looking material mixing it into your outfit helps create a holiday ready look instantly. 
    • Sleek and Silky. If velvet isn’t your cup of coco, we recommend going for silk. It also has that lavashing look to it that helps you pull off a holiday look and the sheen of the material will give your outfit a luxurious feel.
    • Be Bold. Sparkles and colors are everywhere this time of year so keep this in mind when you are doing your makeup, accessorizing, and getting dressed. Pick a bold red lip or add a little sparkle to your eye shadow to complete the look!

Now let’s give you some scenarios these holiday outfit tips might come in handy for you. 

Christmas Lights

In Utah, we have Lumiaria and Temple Square - both major outdoor light displays. Nothing kicks off the season like a trip to see the lights. However, being outside in Utah in the dead of winter isn’t exactly ideal. You have to bundle up and dress warmly. 

First, grab a pullover, (our Farm Fresh Christmas Tree pullover was made for this) a cute coat, and a pair of our fleece leggings. Be sure to add a beanie and mittens to stay extra cozy. 

Holiday Outfit Idea For Christmas Lights

Family Holiday Party 

Getting together with those that you love, eating good food, watching a Christmas movie, and enjoying the yummy holiday treats is one of the best parts of the holiday season. We have the perfect formula for your next family holiday party outfit. 

Now is the time to incorporate something a little more festive. Maybe one of our holiday graphic tees or some Christmas-inspired plaid. Some families like to go all out and dress to the nines, while others (like mine) keep it casual and relaxed. 

For my family party I would grab a holiday graphic sweatshirt and a pair of plaid leggings. It’s cozy, cute, and comfortable.

Holiday Outfit Ideas featuring a sweatshirt

If your family likes to get all dressed up I’d suggest checking out our Holiday Dress Collection. With all the different dress styles, each with their own holiday touch, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your party. 

Holiday Dresses for the Holidays