Halloween Costumes With Clothes You'll Wear Again

Dressing up for Halloween can sometimes get a little frustrating. The costumes in costume shops are expensive and not worth the money if you are only going to wear them once. And you don’t want to get caught wearing the same costume multiple years in a row.

To help you with your Halloween adventures we have put together some of our favorite costumes with clothes that you already have or will actually want to wear again and again.

First, we will show you some more basic ideas before we get into any characters.

Robber or Bandit

This is an easy costume that you can wear time and time again. All it takes is a black and white stripe tee, black jeans and a beanie. If you want to go a little more at you can add a cute eye mask to really finish off the look. To make it a little more feminine add some red lipstick!

We love that this costume can be transitioned into a mime costume, examine below.


Keep your stripe top but change your black jeans for an overall style and luckily we have tons for you to pick from. Or if you aren’t an overall or jumpsuit lover pick up some suspenders and grab these adorable culottes, they are as comfortable as they come. Ditch the beanie and add a red bandanna for your neck and add some face paint and you are good to go!

School Teacher

To create a school teacher vibe you definitely need a denim skirt or midi style skirt. The longer length on any dress or skirt instantly gives you that sophisticated sense of style. However if you are more into the pants look check out some of our culottes or trousers for that same sophistication.

Now for the top pick something collared and layer it. Whether you layer it with an open cardigan or a sweater is up to you. When picking shoes opt for mules or flats.

Or you can avoid the pairing all together and grab one of our dresses that is sure to give you that same sophisticated and conservative style while keeping you adorable.

The last thing you need is some faux glasses, a stack of books and you are set to teach.


This is probably one of the easiest costumes you can diy last minute and we can thank the overall trend coming back into style for that! To go full out grab your classic denim overalls and your favorite plaid flannel. Pair it with a hat and this years booties for the cutest scarecrow look! Don’t forget to add a stitched smile and some blush!

If you don’t own overalls it’s no big deal, grab your favorite distressed denim and create the same costume. Plus you can get a little more feminine with a plaid peplum top or something with a little more shape. 

Sims Character

This is definitely the easiest way to get yourself a new outfit that you can wear over and over again while still dressing up in the spirit of Halloween. It totally has a Jim Halpert feel to it since it doesn’t require a silly mask or anything like that. All you need to do is touch base with your crafty side.

For this costume you need:

  • A trendy new outfit from My Sister’s Closet Boutique
  • Headband
  • Bright green paper
  • Hot Glue
  • Wire

You can find tutorials on Youtube for making your Diamond/Plumbob or get creative and come up with your own. If you want to get a little fancier you can add glitter to the list to really make your costume stand out.

What you wear is highly dependent on what kind of day you have planned for your sim. Is she heading into the office and needs something professional? Or is she just lounging around the house? This costume is a great way to get yourself that trendy new outfit without any guilt!

These ideas are all pretty generic and allow you to really get creative in how you accessorize and create your character. However if you are more of a die hard Halloween spirit and want to go with a specific character these next ideas are for you!

Mary Poppins

A Halloween costume that is ‘practically perfect in every way.’ You can never go wrong with dressing up like Mary Poppins, she's an iconic character with some serious style. For this costume you will need a black skirt, flowy or a pencil shape will do. A white top, a button up is preferred but we are loving the sleeves on our ivy top way to much to turn it down. Shoes definitely need to be black, and we think booties or flats give that Mary Poppins sophistication.

When it comes to accessorizing you need a red bow tie, or a neck scarf if you are feeling a little trendy. Be sure to pick up a structured hat, a gigantic bag (our store locations have adorable ones) and you can’t forget an umbrella.

Wednesday Addams

Halloween isn’t complete without the Addams family. Dressing up like Wednesday Addams is the perfect way to score yourself that little black dress while also having the perfect spooky costume.

The main thing you need to pull of a Wednesday Addams costume is the black dress. At My Sister’s Closet we have more than enough LBD’s for you to pick from. Whatever shape you are going for, we are sure to have it.

Next you need a white collar to pop through, whether you buy a white button down or go unique with our grey stripe peter pan collar top. A collar detail is a must have to pull of the Wednesday Addam's costume. Other staples for this costume include black tights and of course black booties. To complete this look throw in two pigtail braids, really contour your cheeks and you are good to go.

Minions: Evil & Good

This costume really brings out your inner kid, but with our adorable clothes it’s an outfit cute enough to wear again and again. Plus its the perfect costumes for you and your best friend! 

To really capture the minion style you have to have overalls, whether you opt for an overall dress or actual overalls is up to you. But we choose to go with a dress for a little more feminine and cutesy style. Now you need a yellow colored shirt to go under, we think adding stripes is perfect way to capture the minions character while still giving your outfit some style. The top we picked has blue and yellow stripes to really give your minion some style, however this top ins't available quite. So think of it as something to get excited for! For shoes reach for some black booties and definitely don’t forget your black gloves. Now it's time to accessorize, head to your local party store or get crafty to create those adorable goggles.

For the evil minion we kept the overall dress style because of how adorable it is and opted for a purple top. This overall dress is a dark denim style and the ruffles on the top add the perfect feminine touch. Its an all around win-win! To capture the hair you can go with voluminous waves or go really crazy with a purple wig. These guys also need those black booties and gloves. 

Pam Beesley & Angela Martin

If you and your bestie are in need of a costume this one is for sure going to be a hit.

To create a perfect Pam Beesley costume you need a straight skirt, a button up and collared shirt, a cardigan and of course white keds. If you don't have keds, or white tennis shoes then opt for vintage style short heels. For the top we opted for a baby doll style that still has buttons and a collar, its a fun way to add just a little bit more style. To capture her hair throw in some curls and pull it into a half-up style. To really complete the look grab your 'whitest shoes' dundie!

Angela Martin's costume is very similar to Pam's with a little bit more conservative style. The biggest thing to remember is her clothes can't be too flashy. For her top we choose a mock neck style with a cardigan, a straight skirt, and those vintage style heels we mentioned earlier or a mules with a slight heel. If its a little chilly on Halloween you can always include some tights, just remember muted tones. To really complete this costume your hair should be out of your face thanks to a thicker head band or a tightly braided head band. You can't forget about Angela's cats, get yourself a cat stuffed animal. 

For a couple costume have your man dress up like either Jim Halpert or Dwight Schrute. It’s an easy costume that everyone is sure to love. 

The best thing about all these costumes is that you can continue to wear these clothes again. You aren't spending a fortune on something you are only going to wear once. Plus if you're shopping at My Sister's Closet you get a trendy and adorable new outfit along with a costume that everyone will love.