Graduation Outfits & Tips

The weather is starting to warm up, its staying lighter longer which can only mean one thing: Summer is on its way! Woo Woo! But before we can celebrate, there’s something bigger we need to celebrate; graduation. Whether you are graduating college, high-school or just attending, we have a few tips and tricks to ensure the best experience possible.

Tip #1: Dressing to Impress

First you have to decide what style you are going for. Obviously you are dressing to impress but is it more of a sophisticated and classy look or something trendy and stylish? By narrowing this down you can eliminate outfits that aren’t the style you are going for right off the bat. 

Now you might be thinking; “I’m wearing a robe, why does what’s underneath matter?” I’ll tell you why, there’s going to be so many pictures taken, that you are going to reflect on for years. Plus you might not have time to change after the graduation and before the celebrating. By picking the perfect outfit you’re ready to go!

Tip #2: Dress Slim and Sleek

You’ve picked the vibe you are trying to achieve now it’s time to actually pick the pieces to execute it. Are you looking for a dress? A skirt? Or maybe you want to be a little daring and go for a pair of feminine trousers? Whatever you decide think about your layers, you are going to be wearing a gown on top of your outfit. The graduation gown is already unflattering on its own, its bulky and oversize. Make sure to keep your outfit slim and sleek to avoid giving an even boxier or funny shape.

Tip #3: School Colors? Vibrant Colors?

The weather is finally warming up, meaning now is not the time to reach for something black, charcoal or anything with a deep winter tone. Instead you can finally wear the vibrant colors, since once the ceremony is over summer can officially begin. Get ready for summer a little earlier by dressing in eye-catching and vibrant colors.

Another thing to consider when it comes to colors is your school, maybe you want to show your school spirit one last time before your considered an alumni or super-senior. If this is the case finding your graduation outfit just got easier!

Tip #4: Consider Your Shoes

Remember, when your name is called you have to walk across the stage, in front of everyone. Now is not the time to try out a cute pair of pumps that you can’t even walk in. Wear something that you can already effortlessly walk in.

Also, think about where the ceremony is happening. Is it in an auditorium or outside on a field? If its the later you don’t want to be sinking into the grass. Not only is it annoying, but it also gets your cute shoes dirty, yuck!

If heels are your shoe of choice maybe opt for a wedge, platform or a chunky heel style, not only will you be trendy but they also tend to be a little more comfortable and easier to walk in!

Tip #5: Dress Comfortably

When trying on any graduation outfit contenders, make sure you are comfortable. You might be comfortable when you are standing, but once you sit down you feel like you can’t breath. For most of the graduation you’re going to be sitting down and waiting, now’s not the time to pick a dress or skirt that you have to squeeze into. Pick a dress that you can comfortably sit down in, plus if the dress has pockets it’s even better!

Most importantly remember this day and have fun. It’s a day to celebrate a huge accomplishment. All the late night cramming sessions, exams and presentations are now over, that alone is enough to celebrate. Let us be the first to say, congratulations!

Our Outfit Picks:

This outfit is for the boss babe girl that’s going to run the world someday. We picked our Back to Black Jumpsuit because it captures that sophisticated vibe while still being trendy and so flattering. Pair this with your favorite heels and pearls and you are sure to turn some heads at your graduation. Plus you get the added bonus of being in pants.

Our feminine and flirty pick is for the social butterfly of the class. We paired our Ever After Skirt with our Sea Side Eyelet Blouse and finished the look with our Cabana Sandals. This outfit is so dainty thanks to the eyelet blouse and so flirty and trendy thanks to all its ruffle details. With this outfit you get it all a mix of sophisticated, feminine and a pop of color.

Lastly we have our bohemian chic outfit for the girl that always has the latest trends. We picked our Anniston Lilly Dress that totally gives that effortless boho vibe. The dress is a looser, flowing style that is so flattering. Plus we are in love with all its eye-catching colors and patterns.