Get To Know The MSC Marketing Team

At My Sister's Closet we have some amazing employees at not only both stores and the warehouse but also at the design studio. As our company has grown so has our team, today on the blog we want to introduce you to the babes behind the social media, advertisements, photo-shoots and everything else that their job includes. They were asked five fashion related questions to help you get to know them and their style a little better. 

The questions we asked: 

1. What three words would you use to describe your style?

2. In a shoe store, what do you usually shop for?

Simple Sneakers
Classy Pumps
Heeled Booties
Anything that's Trending

3. What accessories dominate your closet?

Pearls-Anything Classy and Timeless
Cuff Bracelets and Statement Jewelry
Hair Scarfs and Scrunchies
None, who has the time?

4. When going out do you usually wear?

Jeans-All Day Everyday
A Laid Back Skirt or Dress-something chic and cute
Something Professional and Sophisticated
The More Comfortable the Better

5. What is your favorite piece from MSC?






Meet Our Team

First up we have Megan, she is our Facebook Marketing Specalist. Chances are you have seen her at one of our store locations, on social media, or she has answered one of your emails through email. She loves to hear feedback and wants to make your experience with MSC top notch. 

Her answers: 

1. Simple, Comfortable and Current
2. Flats & Classy Pumps
3. Pearls-Anything Classy and Timeless
4. Something Professional and Sophisticated
5. Heart Breaker Sweater 


Next up we have Kenzie! Kenzie actually started working in the stores and has worked at both store locations for years before moving to the design studio. At the design studio she is our lead graphic designer, videographer, and the face behind all of our adorable ads and she is also the photoshoot director. 

Her answers: 

1. Retro, Structured and Creative 
2. Anything That's Trending
3. Hair Scarfs and Scrunchies 
4. Jeans-All Day Everyday
5. Wesley Wine Hooded Cardigan


Meet Janelle. She's the assistant buyer, lead stylist, influencer and public relations coordinator. When she's not busy with MSC she is a wife and mom of two boys and runs Janelle in Real Life.


Her Answers: 

1. Trendy, Neutral and Comfortable 
2. Anything that's trending
3. Hair scarfs and scrunchies
4. A laid back skirt or dress, something chic and cute
5. The Hattie Jumpsuit

This is Chelsie, she is the Content and Social Media manager and she coordinates all of the posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest! She hosts all the FB lives and works with the team to design our social campaigns and to create content to help show how to style our clothes! When she's not working, she's at home with my husband and two dogs and running her style & beauty blog, Hey There, Chelsie!

Her Answers: 

1. "I'm a mix of edgy and girly, Comfy and Casual"
2. Heeled booties
3. Hair scarfs and scrunchies
4. Leggings #cantstopwontstop
5. Blocked Up Cardigan


Last, but definitely not least we have Sheena. She is our visual designer. 

Her Answers: 

1. Simple, Elegant and Pretty
2. All of the above
3. Cuff bracelets and statement jewelry 
4. Jeans, dresses in the summer and the more comfortable the better
5. Cityscape overalls