Galentine's Day + An MSC Treat

‘Oh it’s only the best day of the year’
-Leslie Knope

Happy Galentine’s Day to all of you lovely ladies, whether you are dating your soul mate or flying solo this year, Galentine’s day is always a fun holiday to celebrate. So for those of you who are dreading the mushy couples and heart shaped candy, plan festivities that have nothing to do with romance. The best way to do that? Get your group of girlfriends together and celebrate your friendship. To have an epic Galentine’s day we have rounded up a few ideas to make it your best get together yet! To make your Valentine’s Day extra sweet My Sister’s Closet is giving you a treat, more details below.

  1. Go to a Movie or Have a Movie Night at Home. Is there a new movie playing that you are dying to see? Or maybe you and your girls want to get together and watch a classic chick flick like Mean Girls, 10 Things I Hate About You, or 13 Going on 30 are a few favorites that come to mind. Whether you decide to go out or stay in, make sure you get your favorite treats and if you are staying in, spring for a cute pair of cozy pajamas.
  2. Have a Spa Day. This is one of the perfect ways to ‘treat yo self’ whether you decide to do a spa day at home or head to an actual spa, you can’t go wrong with a little pampering. If you are wanting to stay home and take it easy there are a few things that you need: 1. Buy your supplies for your masks, there are so many different DIY hair masks or face masks out there that really get you into the relaxing mood. Or while your out shopping pick up a pre-made mask to make it a little easier. 2. A chick flick, this is a must, you and your girls can relax with a face mask, paint nails all while watching your favorite movie. 3. Treats and drinks, this completes the overall tone of the holiday. Have all your friends bring their favorite treat and drink to share.
  3. Karaoke. This is for the girls who are just out to have a good time. Karaoking is a fun way to let loose, maybe embarrass yourself a little and have a ton of fun with your girls. Get a big group of you and take turns singing individually and in groups, you could even turn it into a fun loving contest complete with prizes!
  4. Craft Night. Is your home in need of a little decor, get your friends together for a night full of DIY crafting. It can be simple things like decorating a wreath for an upcoming holiday or get a little trendy and create a succulent planter. There are so many ideas on Pinterest and the Internet that are sure to brighten up your home a little. There are a few things that you might want to have on hand to make this craft night a success. 1. A movie or music in the background, no one likes awkward silences. 2. Treats and drinks, this is a necessity for any party I think we can all agree on that. You can even make your party extra cutesy with heart shaped candy.
  5. Dinner. A simple, but perfect act for catching up and spending time with your favorite gal pals. Decide on a restaurant and make it fit your friend group, it’s the perfect excuse for getting dressed up or keep it casual and go somewhere a little more relaxed. Either way, a holiday is never complete without good food and even better company.
  6. Favorite Things Party. Have all your girlfriends bring two of their favorite things, it can be anything from skincare products to your favorite treat. Have everyone draw a number and they all leave with two new things to try and love. Make sure to set your budget ahead of time.
  7. Go to a Cooking Class. What better way to brush up on your cooking skills or learn a new one then being surrounded by your best friends? You can always go to a cooking class or hire a chef to come to your home for a more personal experience. To complete the cooking adventure have everyone bring their favorite recipe for a little recipe exchange.
  8. Host a Game Night. A game night always makes for a fun night and it’s the perfect way to let your competitive spirit out. Be sure to include some of your childhood favorites like Monopoly, Clue and Uno, but there are a few new ones to try like Things, and Cover Your Assets. Don’t forget about the appetizers and drinks to keep the competition going.
  9. Get a Workout In. Now I don’t mean, hit the treadmills or lift some weights because there are much funner ways to get a workout in. Some of our favorite workouts include high fitness, dirty dancing, a barre class or if you are feeling adventurous try a kickboxing class. Afterwards you can hit up your favorite smoothie bar for a nutritious treat.
  10. Hit the Racks. In need of a cute new outfit to conquer the day? Get your besties and spend the day shopping at your favorite stores. You can go to a mall, or hit up local boutiques, either way just get out and actually try things on and treat yourself.

Even if you find yourself hating Valentine’s Day because of all the mushy couples, make Galentine’s day a day to remember. And if there’s one good thing to remember about Valentine’s day, it’s all the discounted chocolates and candy the day after.