Four Unique Things to Spring Clean This Year

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the temperatures are getting warmer. Spring is on its way and that means its everyone favorite/most dreaded time of the year: Spring Cleaning. While it's so nice to start the season with a clean and organized space, it can also be very overwhelming to know where to start. And while doing the deep clean of your fridge or floorboards may be necessary, there are a few unique things in life that also deserve a good spring clean this time of year. You may not think of them, but they are great things to add to your spring cleaning list and the perfect excuse to take a break from the floors and toilets!

Four Unique Things to Spring Clean This Year


Your Closet: After the cold dark winter, it’s probably a safe bet to say that your closet might feel a little cluttered by all the sweaters and jackets and you may not know where your spring and summer clothes are! Cleaning out your closet during the beginning of spring is a great way to start the season with a fresh and organized start. We have an extensive guide on how to clean your closet out here which will give you a play-by-play breakdown of how to tackle what to keep, what to donate, and what to part with. And if you notice some holes in your spring wardrobe, you know that My Sister's Closet Boutique has your back! You can shop our online boutique dresses, tops, and shorts at any point during your spring cleaning marathon (it's the perfect break from cleaning!) 

Your Phone: When’s the last time you looked at all the apps that are taking up storage on your phone? What about the photos on your camera reel? It can feel really good to sit down and delete any apps that you don’t use anymore and to delete the 500 photos that you took of your dog sleeping that one afternoon (but obviously keep about 20.) While you’re at it, consider deleting old contacts, backing up your music, and maybe even setting time limits on apps might suck you in a little too much. 

Your Makeup Drawer: Did you know that makeup has a shelf life and can expire? Here’s how to tell how long your makeup is meant to last and when to part ways with it: on the back or bottom of the packaging there should be a tiny graphic that looks like a makeup jar. There usually is a number inside that graphic, which indicates how many months that product is good for. Surprisingly, some products expire within 3-6 months and others (like eyeshadows) can last for up to 24 months. After that, though, it’s time to part ways with them, even if you still have product left. Preservatives used in makeup can start to break down, which can cause skin reactions, and don’t even get me started on what types of bacteria could be growing in there. Even though it might be hard to part with some products you really love, it gives you a good excuse to go shopping at your favorite makeup store and replenish them with brand new ones!

Your Linens: Spring time is the perfect time to assess, clean, and replace the linens in your home, like sheets, towels, and even throw blankets. This might sound overwhelming, but you can make a fun day out of it! To do this, pull off all the linens from the beds in your home, grab all the towels, and all the throw blankets in your living spaces and just make a big pile. Set yourself up with a good Netflix show to binge, some good snacks and don’t go anywhere for the day! Just hang out by the laundry room and at the end of every show, switch the laundry through. Make a list of any sheets or towels that might need to be replaced and order them online between loads! Having fresh sheets, clean towels, and knowing all the blankets in your home are clean makes the WHOLE space feel clean!


What other unique things would you add to this spring cleaning list? Let us know!