Five Spring Layering Tricks

5 Spring Layering Tricks

Spring, spring, spring, it’s such a beautiful time of year. Flowers will be blooming, the days are longer, and it's starting to get warmer. The difficult thing is figuring out how to dress. It’s colder in the morning, warms up, and then cools down again. Today we’re bringing you our five spring layering tricks. You ready?

  1. Socks, yes socks. The simplicity of this tip can make a huge impact. Socks with sandals and crew socks with skirts and dresses give off a 90s vibe that’s so trendy. Socks can also help tie in a color or pattern adding a little spice to an outfit. 
  2. Hoodie + Blazers, a chic, dressed-up yet casual outfit that’ll be perfect for spring. Oversize blazers are all over the runway and we love this simple way of styling them. We prefer adding a thinner hoodie, graphic or no graphic, and an oversized blazer.
  3. Strappy dress over a classic t-shirt. Yes, this one is straight out of the early 2000s’ but it’s coming back. You don’t have to wait to bring out your summer dresses, pull them out now and layer them over a tee. Long sleeve or short sleeve, they’ll both look cute! 
  4. A knit vest over a collared or high-neck shirt. Don’t put those knits away just because it’s starting to warm up, just change your long sleeve for a short sleeve. Get a more oversized vest or size up to give the outfit a more casual vibe. 
  5. Spruce up your lounge set with a longer, trench-style coat. The extra layer keeps you warm while also dressing up your lounge set thanks to the longer length. And you can’t go wrong with a set these days, they’re all anyone wants to be wearing.