Five Outfit Formulas for Winter-Spring Transitions

The phrase “outfit formula” seems to be popping up everywhere, but what does it mean? It's a style formula for your personal body type and style that creates a fail-safe, stunning outfit every single time. Y will always equal mx+b, just like creating your formulas will always equal an effortless, flattering outfit. 

Not only do we love outfit formulas for the outcome (looking gorgeous with little to no effort) but it also helps you shop from your own closet and creating new outfit combos you may not have thought of before. It’s not so much about “you need this” and “you need that” to create the perfect outfit. But more so, “this looks good with this and this” or “pair this top with either these jeans or this skirt.” 

Now, if you need help creating your outfit formula, I found this blog extremely helpful! We put together five outfit formulas that will make it easy to transition your wardrobe from winter to spring.

Outfit #1: Neutral Top + Shacket + Jeans + Booties

This one is simple but a stunner. You want a basic top in a neutral hue. This could be a tee, a turtleneck or a long-sleeve ribbed material top, depending on the weather. Then you add in a pattern or some color with a shacket (and have a layer for those early spring days.) You can find our whole shacket selection here. Choose your favorite style of denim and pair it with a cute pair of booties; the chunkier the better IMO. 

Outfit #2: Long Sleeve + Sweater Vest + Skinny Jeans + Sneakers

This one is for the trendier girls or for those that want to branch out in their style. Take a fitted  long sleeve that will fit snuggle under your sweater vest, especially if it is oversized. Grab your sweater vest (we have several cute options.) If you are using an oversized or chunky sweater vest, pair it with a skinnier style of jeans to balance the outfit out. Lastly, grab a cute pair of white sneakers to keep it casual and trendy!

Outfit #3: Graphic Sweatshirt + Leggings + Sneakers

This outfit is definitely on the casual side, but with a few accessories, it keeps you stylish and trendy, rather than looking disheveled. It’s the perfect way to stay cozy and warm without having too many layers when the temperatures start warming up at the end of March. Start with a graphic sweatshirt (we’re huge fans of crewnecks these days.) Little tip: since oversized is in, we suggest sizing up if you are in the market for a new crewneck sweatshirt to complete this formula. If you’re going to a fancier occasion, faux leather leggings are perfect for this. But if you want to keep it casual, regular leggings are just as cute! Finish off with sneakers.

Outfit #4: Blue Jeans + White Tee + Blazer

We love an outfit like this one because it’s all about basics with a classic twist. Your favorite jeans, favorite white tee, already make a classic combo, but this outfit formula is taken to a whole new level with a blazer style jacket. Any shoes go with this outfit because this outfit is just so easy. It’s the perfect example of an, “I woke up this effortless” outfit. Wear sneakers to keep it casual or switch it out for heels for a more professional setting.

Outfit #5: Layers, Layers, and More Layers

Okay, this one isn’t an exact formula, but you can’t go wrong with layers when transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring. You just never know what the temperature is going to be throughout the day, right? By layering, you can adjust as needed throughout the day and never be too hot or too cold. You can add a striped turtleneck under a buttoned-up sweater or sweatshirt or you can pair a hoodie over a denim jacket. Finish off with jeans and your favorite shoes!

We hope these outfit formulas help you prepare for the transitional season that is upon us. Don’t be afraid to write a few of your favorites down and use them to construct an outfit when you are having one of those days that you just can’t figure out what to wear!