Five Dresses to Have this Summer

Dresses and summer, summer and dresses: it’s a match made in heaven. There’s nothing like keeping cool in a breezy dress on a hot day. A dress is an wardrobe staple you can easily throw on and head out the door for errands or wear to a fancier event while still keeping cool in the heat. That’s the joy of a dress: it really can be as effortless and versatile as you think! This summer we have narrowed it down to five must-have dress styles for your wardrobe. You can shop all of our dresses and tons more here. 


Let’s kick it off with one of the most worn and essential dress styles: the casual silhouette. This type of dress is one you can throw on over a swimsuit or run errands in. We also refer to this style as the ‘grab-and-go’ dress because you can look put together without spending the entire morning putting together an outfit. When shopping for this type of casual vibe, we recommend choose a looser dress, preferably something with a t-shirt or tiered shape. You want a looser shape that isn’t going to cling to you and will be easy to pair with sandals or sneakers for that grab-and-go look!


Move over little black dress! In the summer months, it’s time for the little white dress to shine. It’s so easy to talk yourself out of a white dress but if you buy yourself some stain remover, you can put your doubts away. A white dress is a must-have for these hot months because it’s so feminine and adds an airy, crisp vibe to your outfit. Plus the white makes your summer tan pop! We suggest getting a white dress that’s most flattering on your body type so you can wear it with utmost confidence! Regardless of what silhouette you choose, a little white dress is the ultimate summer wardrobe addition to your closet.


If you live in Utah then you already know the 4th of July is basically celebrated all of July and not just one weekend. We also celebrate Pioneer Day and have multiple city festivals and carnivals! Don’t be caught without a cute patriotic dress to get you through the summer for these events. Depending on your style you can go as fancy or casual as you want - just stick to reds and blues or search for a gingham print. Nothing is quite as classic as a red or blue gingham print, after all!


A floral dress is a summer staple and we cannot recommend having one or two of them within your reach! No matter the shape and style, you can’t go wrong with a floral dress in the summer. A floral pattern creates dimension and visual interest, while the functionality of a dress keeps you cool on those triple-digit summer days. There are so many different types of floral patterns and dress styles that are in right now. We recommend looking for a tiny floral print or a watercolor floral print for this summer’s trends!


A fancy dress seems to get overlooked in the summer months, but you definitely still need it. After all, there are weddings to attend, date nights to be had, and performances to applaud. You don’t want to be scrambling for what to wear when these events when they come around. A fancy dress for the summer months should be made of lux but breathable material.Think silky satins or chiffons that have movement. A dress with embroidery, cut-outs, or texture instantly adds to a dress and can take it from a casual grab-and-go dress to one that’s appropriate for an event. Don’t overlook the fancy dress this season! 

Whatever dress you want to rock this summer, we know you'll find your favorite one at MSC! Our extensive modest dress collection is one we take great pride in curating just for you!