Fall Workwear Outfits


Whether you’re working from home or have returned to the office, a work-appropriate fall outfit is a must! Today on the blog we are rounding up all our professional favorites. Let's break them down into categories. Bottoms, tops, dresses and skirts, jackets,shackets, and blazers. We haven’t forgotten about those of you that work from home! Our vision for these pieces is to provide a wardrobe that mixes and matches well so you can create multiple outfits. 

  • Bottoms

We picked these three pants because of their versatility. These three bottoms have different textures, unique shapes, or qualities that make them a must-have in your wardrobe. However, all of them can also act as more of a basic and pair with your more eye-catching tops. Click here to shop these! 


  • Tops

A few things we looked for when narrowing it down to these three tops. We wanted tops that add to the outfit thanks to the texture. We also wanted tops that gave an instantly polished look. Lastly, we looked for a top that gave the perfect fall look! Every top we chose will look good with pants, jeans, or skirts.

  • Dresses & Skirts

When choosing a dress or skirt for work, there are a few things to consider; length, shape, and functionality. For example, if you teach elementary school, you wouldn't want to show up in a bodycon style dress and blazer. A flowier, moveable dress would be your solution!

  • Jackets, Shackets & Blazers

How you layer your clothing will make a huge difference! Choosing the right jacket (shacket or blazer) can transform a spring or summery outfit into the perfect fall fit! We especially love the blazer look for a total boss babe vibe.


  • Work From Home

For the ones lucky enough to work in the comfort of their own home, this one is for you! If you are struggling to find the motivation to get dressed daily, we have found that putting in the effort to get dressed completely changes your day. The good news is, we have the clothes for you!

We completely understand you still want to be comfortable. Especially for those zoom meetings and video calls. That is why our main focus when choosing outfits was to find tops that could pair with business casual bottoms. Make sure to check out all of our outfit ideas! Click here to shop all of these outfits!