Dressing Through Pregnancy & Right into Motherhood

With the stages of motherhood what you are reaching for in your wardrobe is constantly changing. Your favorite pair of jeans are no longer comfortable due to your growing bump. Or your mock neck tops aren’t practical when trying to nurse a hungry baby. A motherhood wardrobe focuses more on how functional it is and how comfortable it is rather than how in style it is.

Which is why we are here to help, at My Sister’s Closet we don’t ever want you to have to give up your style, no matter what stage of life you are in. Your style is a wonderful way to express yourself and a growing bump or a baby doesn’t need to change that.

Embrace Your Growing Bump

When getting ready for the day don’t try to hide your bump, embrace it. Not only is it an amazing thing, but you can also create so many adorable outfits. Take pride in your protruding tummy. When picking out clothing pick things with an empire waist, or no waist at all. Without a waist not only is it going to be comfortable, but that makes room for accessorizing. For example add a belt to it to make your belly pop.

Tip: Look for the things that are going to accentuate your bump instead of hide it.


Stylish & Comfortable

With pregnancy comes achy muscles, a sore back and feet; your clothing shouldn’t add to the pain. Our clothing is crafted in some of the most amazing material. Making our clothing not only trendy, but comfortable as well. We have so many pieces that you won't mind wearing all day. We have jeggings with the moto detail stitching and an elastic waistband for added comfort. Plus the material they are made out of is stretchy and soft. We have some staple dresses like the Amber or the Ariel, they are lightweight, flowy, and perfect for a growing tummy. Plus both of these items mentioned come in sizes small-3X. This is just a few of the many different things on our website to dress your bump in.

Tip: Being comfortable doesn’t have to mean dressing grungy.


Maternity and Nursing Clothing

We want our customers to get the most out of the clothes they buy. So when you shop with us not only are you getting a good deal, but your getting clothes that can easily transition with your life. When it comes to maternity clothing, you only wear them for a certain period of time and they cost an arm and a leg for something simple. Instead you should be able to buy multiple things not only at a better price, but things that are just as functional. Such as our wrap dressesempire waist topsjeggings and so much more on our website and in our stores.

Tip: Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to buy maternity clothes, instead look for certain styles and maybe size up.

After the baby comes the nursing begins, don’t make the task harder by not having the appropriate clothing. When looking for new tops or dresses make sure they have a zipper, buttons or a wrap style that can make nursing easy. We have a wide variety of nursing friendly dresses and jumpsuits to suit your needs. Check out our Zippy jumpsuit along with other adorable button up jumpsuits. However, just like maternity clothes you shouldn’t have to spend tons of money on clothes you are only wearing during a certain stage in your life. At My Sister’s Closet you get trendy and stylish clothes that can be worn far after this stage is over.

Tip: Buttons or a zipper down the front and wrap styles are perfect for a nursing mama.


After the baby

After the baby is born your stomach isn’t going to completely go back to normal at first. You can avoid the “When are you due?” and “Is this your first?” questions by how you dress.


Those first magical weeks need to be as pleasant as possible and to me that means comfort. Under our basic’s tab online and in both of our Utah boutique locations we carry seamless leggings in both full and capri length. They are incredibly soft have an elastic waistband and you can’t beat the price. ($8) Plus they come in classic staple colors.

If you plan on nursing your baby you are going to have to put the dresses on hold for a little while (unless they have a wrap or button down style) you nurse. However there is no need to worry, at My Sister’s Closet we have our famous textured skirts. They are a pencil skirt style crafted in stretchy material. The texture adds some flare and extra style. Our textured skirts come in a wide variety of colors to pair with everything in your closet.


When it comes to tops you want something loose and flowy. Don’t reach for your peplum or form fitting, instead reach for a flowy top that either doesn’t have a waist or one that has an empire waist.

Reach for something that is lightweight and can easily be layered. Like we said, you want to be as comfortable as possible. Tops that are stretchy, soft and lightweight are going to be your best friend. We have so many of theses tops, and so many more on our website.


Dresses make for an easy and perfect outfit, but if you are nursing a baby that can be a little difficult. Our website and store are full of wrap style dresses that make amazing nursing dresses. We also have lots of different button up styles to help with this.

With babies come messes and you want clothes that can easily be thrown in the laundry for quick cleaning. When you are buying clothes keep in mind how they are going to wash and how they are going to dry. You want to spend as minimal time doing laundry as you possibly can, plus you don’t want to worry about something shrinking.

So you just had a baby, you are still you and you should still get to rock your personal style. Whether you are pregnant, nursing or a mom of a few littles, My Sister’s Closet has what you need to help you feel your best. We have quality clothing that is affordable and versatile for your busy and changing life.