Dressing for a Pumpkin Patch

Dressing for a Pumpkin Patch

October is here which means pumpkin patches are open, pumpkin spice is available at every coffee shop, and all things pumpkin are in full swing. We all can agree that there is something so magical about the fall season, especially when heading to a pumpkin patch. At the pumpkin patch, there are hay rides, corn pits, petting zoos, slides, and of course, every type of pumpkin to choose from. Today we have four different looks to try throughout the rest of the month

  1. Warmer Weather and a Casual Fit

Just because the weather isn't always chilly, doesn’t mean you shouldn't dress for fall. Here in Utah, the days are still pretty warm so layers aren’t needed all day. Find yourself some cute plaid pants! We prefer something with an elastic waistband with a flare leg. We especially love those plaid pants paired with an oversized graphic t-shirt. This outfit wouldn't be complete without some cute booties. This outfit captures that fall essence while beating the heat

  1. Cold Weather and a Chic Fit

In our opinion, the ideal pumpkin patch weather includes cooler temperatures where you can layer up and wear a cute shacket. To add to the chic style, we opted for faux leather leggings rather than regular leggings. Next, a sweater top to compliment an adorable plaid jacket. Lastly, combat-style boots and a hat finish the look. How are we feeling about this look?! 

  1. Breezy Weather and a Trendy Fit 

This one is for my trendy gals! First, let's grab this cropped, checkered sweater. The checkered sweaters are huge right now, and the cropped shape is so flattering with the high-waisted wide-leg jeans. That’s another thing that adds to the trendiness, the wide-leg jeans. Not skinny, not flare, wide-leg, and cropped. Lastly, boots, really any will do, but boots are a must to complete this look

  1. Chilly Weather and the Perfect Fit

We may be a little biased, but something about overalls seems like the perfect pumpkin patch look. We have the perfect ones for you! These overalls are a less ‘scarecrow’ vibe and are way more stylish. To add to this look, grab a floral long-sleeve! This will help add a pattern, and the mock neck collar is perfect for fall. To complete this outfit grab these black booties with their cute ribbed detailing