Closet Organization 101

So you’ve purged your closet of anything that isn’t serving you, now what? Now’s the prime time to maximize your space and get that closet of yours organized. If your closet is organized you can get ready quicker and wear more of what you have instead of just sticking to your usual five pieces. With our ten tips and tricks you can get your closet serving you.

Get Your Closet Working for You

1. Add storage under your clothes. All of that bare space under your tops and shorter pieces of clothing is being wasted. Put it to use by adding a small dresser, a shoe rack or even a cube style of storage. Not only will the drawers and cubbies be useful, but you can also use the top to store accessories and other small items.

2. Baskets and shelf dividers are your friend. Baskets are perfect for storing things while keeping your closet organized and professional looking. To make it even more organized you could add labels to the outside of what’s inside. Shelf dividers are perfect for any thing that you are trying to keep folded and organized. By using shelf dividers you can put that empty space above your clothes to use without being afraid of creating an eye-sore.

3. Another place to add storage is under your bed. There are so many options for doing this, you can go with a cheaper clear plastic tub that has wheels on it, or go for something a little fancier with compartments to keep things organized. Either way, that space under your bed is a prime example of wasted space. Under the bed storage is perfect for undergarments, socks and the the clothing that isn’t in season. (Check out #7 for more information on this.)

4. Use wasted wall space. Towel rods can be perfect accessory holders, for scarfs, necklaces even belts. I know I’m guilty of not wearing all my accessories because they aren’t out in the open where they can be seen. By adding a towel or tension rod to your closet or room can help you see all of your accessories out in the open.

5. Use a hanging shoe organizer, but it doesn’t just have to be used for shoes. Because it hangs on the back of the door it barely takes up any space and it can be perfect for bulkier items and accessories. Plus its a clear way to keep track of everything that you have.

6. Hang strategically and smart for your needs. How you hang the clothes in your closet is important, when it’s all mixed together tops can get forgotten about and jeans can get lost. You need to come up with a clear way of what works for you. Another way to help you get the most out of your closet is to color coordinate your wardrobe within each section. Not only is it pleasing to the eye to see a closet that’s been color coordinated, you’ll find getting ready is much easier.

7. Only keep out seasonal items and staple pieces. In the middle of winter you really don’t need your short-shorts and tank tops taking up precious space in your wardrobe. Just like in the summer you don’t need your bulky cardigans and winter accessories taking up space. To give your closet more room, annually clean out your closet and put away things that aren’t in season.

8. Accessories, if they aren’t in your face they can be lost and forgotten about. We have a few ways to help you keep your accessories organized and ready to be used.

  • A cooling rack can be used for all your hanging earrings, bracelets and necklaces.
  • Magazine holders or a magazine rack can double as clutch and purse organizers.
  • Tension rods + ‘S’ hangers can be used for necklaces, scarfs, belts and anything else that you need hung up, but doesn’t need an actual hanger.

9. Get all matching hangers. This may seem silly, but until you do it you don’t understand how important it is. Putting all your clothes on the same hanger whether its a fancy gold hanger or a plastic white one, it seriously gives your closet a makeover.

10. Find a cute laundry hamper. If your laundry hamper is a little more decorative than just the plastic ones it doesn’t have to constantly be hidden. Everyone knows that you’ll have a dirty clothes, but if the bin is cute why hide it? By getting a cute laundry bin for your room, instead of smashing it in your closet gives you just a little more space to get pick out a fabulous outfit.

We can’t wait to see how your closet is transformed. With the new year its time to get your life in order, we want 2019 to be your year and we are here to help you get there.