Bridesmaids Dress Ideas

Bridesmaids Dress Ideas

It’s wedding season, so chances are you’re getting married, you’re a bridesmaid, or you know someone getting married. With the wedding come unlimited plans, appointments, and decisions, but one of the best parts is picking a bridesmaid dress for all the girls you adore. If you’re feeling a little stressed let these ideas help you. 

Colors for the 2023 Season: The top five colors we are seeing this year is sage, dusty rose, lavender, navy, and sunset orange. But as long as you love the color scheme then that’s all that matters. 


  • Sage. I see why this muted green is one of the top wedding colors for years. The elegance, neutralness, and versatility complement so many skin tones, venues, and other colors you may want to incorporate. Plus you can never have enough greenery in a wedding. 

  • Dusty Rose. Timeless, romantic, and perfect to give that vintage vibe. A beautiful pink to add that little touch of femininity. 
  • Lavender. This pastel purple is a dream for summer and spring weddings. It’s soft but makes a statement while being calm and elegant. 
  • Navy. A sophisticated and classic color for any black-tie event or more modern-style wedding. It pairs impeccably with gold, blush, and sage if you want to lighten it up a little. 
  • Sunset Orange/Rust. This one is a little more for my rustic/country-style brides. A sunset orange brings instant warmth and a down-to-earth vibe to a wedding. 


    Other Ideas

  • Mix and Match, Your bridesmaids don’t have to all wear the same dress, in fact, they’d probably rather not. With all the different body types and styles, mix and match the styles of the dresses and let them pick the silhouette or neckline that is flattering on them. 

  • Florals, no rules say your bridesmaids must wear a solid color. Put them all in flowers, mix and match the floral patterns while keeping the same color scheme, or mix solids, with colors and textures for a bridal party full of style. 
  • Neutrals, ditch the colors and keep it simple. An all-black bridal party is timeless, classic and so elegant. Plus you’ll never regret a new black dress.