Adding Trendy Pieces into Your Wardrobe

Now that your closet is cleaned out, organized and you have added staple pieces back into your wardrobe it’s time to add in the trendier pieces to really make an outfit pop. These items are pieces that really stand out and can take a little bit of courage to wear. Just trust us, they are just the thing your closet is missing out on. These pieces will take your mornings from ‘I have nothing to wear’ to ‘how can I choose only one outfit?’

Let’s talk dresses because as I’m sure you know, not all of them are created equal. Some dresses are for more sophisticated events while others can be worn to school, run errands and other more casual events. There are a variety of styles that are really trending this year, adding even one to your wardrobe is sure to do the trick.

  • Ruffle Dresses: These include any dress with a ruffle obviously. Whether it has ruffle sleeves, a ruffle hem or a ruffle across the bodice. Adding a ruffle detail is the perfect way to spruce up any dress.
  • Button Down Dresses: A huge trend right now and we can totally see why. These dresses are super functional (especially for nursing moms) and completely adorable. The buttons, whether they go down the entire dress or just the first half they add a definite amount of style.
  • Jumper Dresses: This is one of the more unique dresses, but it’s such an easy way to add a playful style to any outfit. A jumper dress comes in a variety of styles, some fancier and some more casual, but they are always adding style to a wardrobe.
  • Body-Con Dresses: In need of an easy way to add a sense of sophistication and elegance? Enter a body-con dress, it’s for sure an easy way to show of your shape and give your outfit a sleek and polished look.
  • Wrap Dresses: Whether it’s a true wrap dress or it only has a wrap neckline we love the look of a wrap dress. A wrap neckline gives you a v-neck shape in a super unique way, plus it makes this dress more practical. If your closet doesn’t have a wrap dress, you definitely need to add one to your lineup.
  • Midi Length Dresses: There is something so elegant and sophisticated about a midi length dress. When a dress hits below your knee or even your mid calf it completely changes the style of the dress. A midi length dress can come in all different styles to fit all of your needs.
  • T-Shirt Dresses: This style is easily one of the most flattering and comfortable styles. Since it lacks a waist completely it’s always flattering to any body shape. Now don’t be fooled by the T-shirt description, these dresses can easily work for a fancier occasion.

You can never go wrong with the classic jeans and a top outfit, depending on the top you can get an outfit perfect for even the fanciest events. While you need to have the basic tops we mentioned last week, adding a few trendier tops makes getting ready easy when you need to make a statement with your outfit.

  • Bubble Sleeve or Ruffle Sleeve Tops: You can’t go wrong with adding a little flare to your sleeves, even if its a plain top if it has a ruffle or bubble sleeve it completely changes the vibe of the top. There is something so stylish about tops that are extra on the sleeves.
  • Cardigans: We don’t just mean a plain cardigan, a trendy cardigan is anything with unique texture, a looser/oversize fit or even a fun pattern like leopard or a color block. By adding one of these statement cardigans you can take a simple outfit like KanCan jeans and a basic pocket tee and really turn it into an incredibly stylish outfit.
  • Pot of Gold Sweater: Our pot of gold sweater could be the definition of a trendy piece, it’s so different from any other sweater that it definitely creates stunning outfits. One of the things that makes this sweater so unique is the confetti style, it has vibrant colors speckled throughout it. It also has such a unique finish on the hem and neckline to really make it stand out.
  • Color Blocking: The color block trend is a stunning one, it gives your outfit lots of stunning colors in a super unique way. The color block pattern can come in a horizontal block style or a random style with square blocks spread out, either way we love a good color block piece.
  • Double Hood or Double Cowl Neck: In this case more is more, we love the extra cozy vibe that comes with the double hood or double cowl neck. Not only is it cozier, but it’s also cuter than your average cowl neck sweater or hoodie.
  • Anything Leopard: Let’s honest everyone needs a little leopard or cheetah print in their life. It’s such a fun pattern that can transform any outfit into something trendy and unique.
  • Furry Jackets: Changing up the texture of your outfit is an easy way to add a more polished look. When it comes to jackets opt for something furry, just trust us it will give you a polished and sophisticated vibe in seconds.
  • Bodysuits: One trendy piece that can be hard to love at first glance is a bodysuit, but hear me out. A bodysuit is the perfect layering piece when it comes to jumper dresses, overalls and jumpsuits. Because of its design it doesn’t get bunched up and keeps things sleek. Plus they make a stylish outfit with just a pair of high-waisted jeans.

A unique way to spruce up any regular outfit is to change what you are wearing on the bottom. Instead of regular skinny jeans reach for something unique like a wide leg style or even pants with a pattern. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed in the result.

  • Distressed Patched Denim: Distressed jeans have been around forever, but a new trend that we are loving is distressed patched denim. The patches can be denim or for a little more style they can be a pattern. Jeans like this give your outfit a pop of something new and exciting.
  • Jumpsuits: Once you try a jumpsuit you’ll be hooked. They are so stylish and they make getting ready as easy as possible. When it comes to jumpsuits there are so many different styles, some jumpsuits are ready for a night out while others have a casual hue to them, either way give a jumpsuit a try.
  • Overalls: These are coming back and we are thrilled, whether you grab a denim style or a style with a little more flexibility, you can’t go wrong with overalls. Plus they are perfect to pair with a basic pocket tee.
  • Wide Leg Pants: These trendier pants are just what you need to add a playful style into your everyday outfit. Whether you grab a pair of culottes or opt for a wide leg jumpsuit it’s sure to add a unique and trendy style to your outfit.
  • Moto Leggings: Where are my legging lovers at? Moto-leggings are perfect for keeping you comfortable while giving your outfit much more style. These bottoms feature a unique stitching detail on the thigh that really sets them apart. Plus they come in all different styles, we even have some adorable suede ones to really add some style.

Shoes are what make or break an outfit, if you have on a trendier top or dress you don’t want to ruin the outfit by pairing it with the wrong shoes.

  • Cutout Side Booties or Flats: This style is one that we can’t get enough of, a deep side cut or cutout details in a shoe is just what you need to add some style.
  • Ankle Booties Other than Black: Black booties are a total staple piece, when you want something trendy reach for a pair of booties with something more. I’m talking cheetah print, snake skin, or even boots in a unique color. By changing up your booties you can finish off that trendy outfit the right way.
  • Strappy Flats: These flats are super unique and perfect for your closet. They are the kind of shoes that look good with anything from skinny jeans to dresses, plus they are super stylish.

Lastly, but definitely not least we need to talk about trendy accessories that take a basic outfit to something trendy and ready to go.

  • Scarves: There are so many different styles of scarves out there and different ways to tie them. Some scarves look adorable as hair scarfs and some give a sense of sophistication when tied around your neck. Depending on what style you are going for, having a silk scarf on hand is never a bad idea.
  • Scrunchies: Like the overalls this is an accessory that’s making a comeback. Scrunchies not only add a little extra to your high-pony or messy bun but they also come in adorable styles. You can have different textures or patterns, simple ones or ones with bows. Either way, it’s the perfect lift that your outfit needs.
  • Simple Necklaces Stacked: Wearing multiple necklaces at once is so trendy, but you have to make sure you are doing it right. The necklaces can’t be the same length, they have to vary so you can see all of them. We like adding a simple choker, with a bar necklace and finishing it off with a longer necklace. You can change up the texturing and switch out necklaces for a trendy style.
  • Knuckle Rings: Spruce up your hands a little bit by adding a knuckle ring or two. It’s the perfect way to stack your rings without overdoing it. There are so many styles out there that are perfect for adding a little extra bling in a trendy new way.

Your closet needs both basic pieces and trendy pieces that can work together to create a wardrobe that always works in your favor. There are so many outfits that start with basics but need that trendy item to complete the look. After this week your closet should have you excited to get ready for the day.